Pinoy Fighter in Tekken 6!?!

Well, according to the European Tekken 6 website, there is. It’s Mokujin, the sentient wooden training dummy who animates every tournament in response to a threat of great evil. As clear as day on the website we see beneath Mokujin’s name his nationality and fighting style- ‘Filipinos’ and Mokujin Ken, respectively.

Of course, this is probably just a funny little error- in fact, the EU site’s Character page has TONS of mistakes, including misspelling Asuka’s name ‘Azuka’, and once again making her Jin’s half-sister. Other little funnies- Raven has now been revealed to be from Canada, Zafina from India, Roger Jr. is a master of ‘Commando Wrestling’ and Kuma is from China.

On the bright side though, the site has a nice feature of letting you view the characters’ full body artwork. Heh.

Moving on…


3 Responses to “Pinoy Fighter in Tekken 6!?!”

  1. Yep, the EU Tekken site sucks when it comes to facts.

  2. Brigandine Says:

    i am a filipino hehe

  3. I hope that there are more pinoy fighters in tekken. Same as my nationality

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