Asuka Kazama Customization Blog

Kicking butt in style.

Here’s a little something nice particularly for fans of Tekken 6’s beautiful Kazama-ryu fighter, Asuka Kazama. It’s Asukasu, a blog dedicated to the martial arts babe, which has a bunch of cool pics. This includes a look at all of Asuka’s default P1 and P2 color variants, which I don’t believe has been posted anywhere else. For the most part, the blog seems to regularly post new batches of pics, showing off Asuka modelling various configurations of her customizations, as well as various hairstyles. It’s a nice place to check out to see what you’d want (or not want) to dress up your own Kazama-ryu Heroine once you get your copy of Tekken 6 in several weeks. If you don’t have anything better to do as you wait for our big-name brawler, check it out.

Update: Here’s another Japanese blog dedicated to Lili. Check it out! Thanks to Maria for giving the link.


9 Responses to “Asuka Kazama Customization Blog”

  1. Ah, this must be a treat for you, eh?

    • Yes, indeed. Asuka is my main, after all. ^_^ But stuff like the default costume colors should appeal to any Tekken fan. I’ll probably post pics of my own customs when I start playing the game myself.

  2. I still hope they improve the coloring system. After looking at pages of recolors on the Korean site… I don’t like what I’ve seen. I’d rather they had a color wheel, or did what SCIV did with coloring.

    I mean, just look through all of Devil Jins pants:

    There are like 60 Recolors!

    But, a small consolation, someone pointed out that on the arcades, you only have 60 or so seconds to customize.

    • Having more freedom to mix your own colors would be nice (as in Soulcalibur, as you pointed out), but sadly I don’t think this will change in the home versions. We’ll just have to be content that at least we do have a lot of color variants to pick from.

  3. Yeah I suppose. I hope at least they make color changes cost less then the original item.

    I think you should be able to buy the item base, and then buy colors.

  4. BOOBS!!!!

  5. There’s a similar site for Lili

    but I’d love to see ones of Nina or Anna too. If anyone knows any please tell me.=]

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