Tekken 6: Comparing Console Versions, Bits and Pieces

Gamereactor just posted an article showing off screens from both the PS3 and Xbox360 versions of Tekken 6, to compare and see which port comes out on top. Check out here to see for yourself which comes out on top. No, go on, check it out now.

Back? Well, it’s quite obvious… BOTH versions rock. Both versions look pretty much identical, though differences will probably crop up once players actually have their copies; perhaps one will load a bit faster than the other, perhaps one will run smoother, and so on. But aside from those nits, both will most assuredly look, play, sound and have the same content- same customizations, same outfits, same roster, same extras and modes.

Plus, both are slated to come out on the same days as well, so really… it’s time to just stop all the bickering about how the PS3 should only have the game or that the Xbox360’s game is better or that the development was slowed down by the Xbox port, etcetera, etcetera. Let’s all just be happy that there will be more people playing the game, more to rave about it and hopefully more Tekken to come in the near future (hopefully not entailing the same excruciating wait as this one gave us).

That said, a little nice sidenote- Tekken 6 Bloodline Rebellion is once again, the TOP arcade game in Japan’s arcades, as per Arcadia Magazine’s October listings. MAN, will this game ever quit? It looks like it’s gonna stay on top for the whole year.

Lastly, Namco-Bandai’s lineup at this year’s Tokyo Game Show will include Tekken 6… well, DUH. Anway, this show closes up the month and will hopefully feature another cool trailer and more footage of the many modes that characterize the home versions. Also, more info on the release of the PSP version may be made available.

Anyway, the home versions though are still slated this October 2009. September’s pretty much half done, people. We’re getting there. Getting there. Sigh.


6 Responses to “Tekken 6: Comparing Console Versions, Bits and Pieces”

  1. Huh, only difference I can see is the PS3 shaders are darker.

  2. 360 gamer have posted another sour preview of Tekken 6 calling the scenario campaign lame and that they hate, well at least tekken has tried to do something adventurous unlike crappy sf4 that only has one online mode

  3. Idiots should be ignored.

  4. i think i could scan it for you

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