Soulcalibur on the iPhone! Well, kind of…

Another Tale of Souls and Swords..?

Man, Gameloft is on a roll lately. They brought the iPhone an RTS (Rise of Lost Empires), a pretty kick-ass FPS shooter (Modern Warfare: Sandstorm) and now, they’ve released a 3-D weapons fighter in the vein of Soul Calibur. It’s called Blades of Fury, just out today. Wait… did I say, ‘in the vein’? It’s more like this title got a transfusion from Namco’s classic blade-brawler. You’ve got a fantasy setting, and characters who resemble familiar fighters- there’s a dominatrix with a chain ala Ivy, a winged dragon guy kinda like Lizardman, a knight like Siegfried and even a Wolverine/Voldo knock-off. The game lets you play the usual Story Mode single player, or multiplayer in some capacity. 10 fighters are on offer, each with 20 attacks each… not bad.

The latest title from Gameloft is a cut above the rest.

The gameplay looks okay, for a mobile game, though perhaps it would be better to get this if you owned the more 3-D capable iPhone 3GS. In that case this may be worth plunking the $6.99. I may check it out later.

It makes me yearn for a martial arts brawler on the iPhone- maybe Namco-Bandai can push through with their supposed plans to bring Tekken to the appstore? Man, that would be cool.


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