Portable Counter-terrorism

I just got perhaps my new favorite game on the iPhone… it’s Modern Combat: Sandstorm from Gameloft. As games on Apple’s device go… this is pretty awesome. Unlike other big-name shooters out for it (Resident Evil), this game is a real FPS. You have full control, can crouch, use a sniper-type view, throw grenades and even have a melee attack. Best of all, the controls are dead-on. You move with a virtual pad for the left thumb, while your view and crosshairs are moved with the right. All the functions are pretty intuitive and activated with simple taps.

So far I’ve played the first level and it was a blast- at least until I reached what seemed to be the final area of the place and after clearing the big courtyard full of enemies I suddenly found myself not knowing what to do; maybe I missed something. Maybe it’s a glitch. Anyway, I’ll just get back to it when I can.

Bottom-line is, Modern Combat: Sandstorm is one polished, awesome iPhone shooter; perhaps the best FPS you can get on the device, and it’s not just playable… it’s downright fun and the closest you can get to having Call of Duty in your pocket. So if you’ve got an Apple device, this is highly recommended. Lock and load!


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