Tekken 6 Console: Asuka and Anna Extra Outfit Pics!

DAMN this game is looking good.

What a nice little treat to find! Game site Widgamer just posted a bunch of pics and art showing off the console exclusive extra outfits for Asuka Kazama and Anna Williams. Not only do we get nice views of these designer threads, there are also some in-game screens showing the ladies kicking butt in their stylish new outfits. Not only do these pics show off extra costumes, it just gives us a nice feel of how great the graphics in the home versions are coming along… hot!

Killer costumes for the console.

Asuka’s chic casual outfit is pretty hot, characterized by a cute, poofy scarf and a pair of hot, high-heeled, pointy-toed boots. It’s a nice change for this martial arts tomboy, who’s usually dressed in a gi or more traditional duds.

Anna’s returning zebra-striped ensemble has never looked better or more fetching for PETA protests, finished off with some saucy open-toed platform shoes (nice nail polish…).

Check out three pages of coolness here. Man, seeing these outfits just made me hope there are a few more for some of the other fighters. Certainly Lili or Nina should have some new costumes as well to match their rivals? Well, anyway… a couple more reasons to make our mouths water for the impending console releases.

49 days and counting, people.


8 Responses to “Tekken 6 Console: Asuka and Anna Extra Outfit Pics!”

  1. Hmm… I like Asuka’s more.

  2. First of all, thank you for always keeping up to date with the latest Tekken 6 information. I admire your dedication of almost hourly (?) updates so fans like me can keep up with T6 info.

    Secondly, I was just curious, but how do you end up finding these kinds of sites?? I mean, the one you gave us is posted in French and only contains a smidgen of T6 info, yet you managed to get it. How do you do this@@?

    • Like any reporter, I get my info by digging- forums, game sites, fan sites, Japanese game sites, mags. Wherever I get ’em. Having a nice and fast internet connection helps a lot. ^_^

  3. Have you still been updating the Manga, and just waiting to get your scanner fixed to upload the pages, or have you halted completely?

  4. Asuka ❤

  5. Loving the zebra outfit.. very chic!

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