Tekken 6: Cardboard Tube Samurai Action!

Lotsa enemies!

Here are some new Tekken 6 footage from the ongoing PAX 2009, showing off Yoshimitsu dressed up as the Cardboard Tube Samurai from Penny Arcade. The CTS outfit is a special DLC customization available if you preorder the collector’s edition from Gamestop. Aside from showing off a look at Scenario Campaign mode (which seems to have now replaced the previous Story Mode), we now finally have a look at VS Battle mode too.

I expect more and more in-game footage of the actual game modes to appear from now on. We’re on the last legs of our wait, people. The game’s coming together quite nicely. Just a few more weeks to the October release then.

VS Battle, like it says.


12 Responses to “Tekken 6: Cardboard Tube Samurai Action!”

  1. Your Welcome

  2. The are such fuckers at ign look what they’ve whote in their latest shitty article

    • Yep. Since it’s called ‘Replay data save’, I guess the data is recorded and therefore runs on the game engine as it plays back, as opposed to just recording video. I hope this means we’ll be given the facility to watch the match as we wish, with a controllable camera, rewind/fast forward, etc. This can be pretty awesome…

      • You should see Dissidia. You can export your battle replays as .avi files on the PSP. Fantastic quality. Hope Tekken 6 has the same, to be able to save the match as a video…

  3. will it still have time attack team battle and quick battle though

  4. heres an idea as part of an unlockable system, players could ged awarded medals that they could trade in for money and customizables and routes through the scenario campaign eg: Get three consecutive wins in online this could be one of them, get certain number of medals you get an achievement

  5. if there is no story mode they better have a good reason for it

  6. will it even have character specific endings

    • Don’t call me dumbass buddy. You’re asking questions which have no answers at the moment. So sit tight and wait like the rest of us.

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