New Tekken 6 Magazine Scans: Game Modes, Replay Data Saves?

The first scan seems to show off stuff about the VS, Training and Survival Modes.

Just found a couple of intriguing scans from a Japanese gaming mag about the upcoming console versions of Tekken 6. Posted on a Japanese game blog, the scans show some intriguing stuff, including finally some looks at the more nitty-gritty elements of play- VS Mode, Survival and Practice Modes.
In VS Battle, you will be able to select any of the available stages from the game, but as in the arcade the Hidden Retreat and Fiesta del Tomate stages are only available in Random Select. Also, there will indeed be a Replay Data Save feature available so you can review or savour your best VS matches.

Apparently if you haven’t been keeping up-to-date on the twisting and turning Tekken storyline, you can review the events that have been occuring since the first game right up to the latest chapter via some nice illustrations that start off the Scenario Campaign mode.

Customizations will let you make your fighter unique from all the rest.

Check out the full scans here and here. Man, NOW we’re talking. I really hope there’s solid info on gameplay and features in these scans, and hopefully we’ll see this in videos and previews as we get closer and closer to release.


4 Responses to “New Tekken 6 Magazine Scans: Game Modes, Replay Data Saves?”

  1. Awesome stuff!

  2. Lookie here:

    Cardboard Tube Samurai Footage!

  3. it manga that joural details it in manga

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