District 9

Saw the Peter Jackson-produced sci-fi thriller District 9 finally. This film has been hyped a lot recently by rave reviews, and certainly it is not undeserved. The story is gripping and the production and special effects pretty amazing. Very atmospheric and intense, with some pretty gruesome stuff and splattery death all over by the second half… which is pretty cool. Heheh…

It’s pretty easy to see how this film could have been the now-derailed Halo film, with the alien ‘Prawns’ looking something like the Covenant. Seeing the pretty awesome action at the end, with superweapons and mech suits running wild give a bit of a hint at what a movie based on Master Chief could have been. Maybe in another life.
But in any case, District 9’s a pretty great sci-fi action-thriller- catch it in the theater if you can, dudes.


3 Responses to “District 9”

  1. looking forward to watching this.. but what are your thoughts about James Cameron’s Avatar?

    • Avatar looks interesting. It’s your typical hyped-to-the-max Cameron project, but at the core it has a nice premise and the action looks awesome. I want to see the Last Airbender movie more though heheh…

      • I wont be watching Last Airbender but I have to wonder, what kind of twist will M Night Shyamalan incorporate into the Airbender movie…. maybe at the end Aang will wake up as a marine in Avatar?? haha

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