Tekken 6 Character Countdown Part 36: Sergei Dragunov

Be vewy, vewy quiet… he’s hunting devils.

As a way of counting down the time to the release of Tekken 6 for the PS3 and Xbox360, I’ve decided to begin this weekly series of lengthy, character-specific articles, each one featuring one of the 40 or so competing warriors in the latest and greatest King of Iron Fist Tournament. Hopefully, by the time we finish and reach character number 40, we’ll have the console version of Tekken 6 in our hands already.

Part 37 brings us to another recent addition to the roster. Joining the series during the PSP and PS3 versions of Tekken 5 Dark Resurrection, this dangerous fighter certainly made a strong impression with his silent but menacing presence and arsenal of brutal grapples and strikes. A deadly special forces agent using the fearsome style of Commando Sambo, he’s the Quiet Man. The White Angel of Death. The Silent Spetsnaz. He’s Sergei Dragunov.

Sergei Dragunov
Distinguishing Features: Pale, almost corpse-like complexion. Soulless eyes devoid of humanity set in a face seemingly carved out of stone. An almost palpable aura of menace. Bottlecap collection.

Strengths: Intimidating aura. Brutally powerful with some exceptionally damaging hits and combos. Relatively new with many confusing moves. Very effective takedowns and grapples. Great at charades.

Weaknesses: May be considered an advanced character- a bit hard to learn for new players. Big and a bit on the slow side. Good, strong vodka. Always feels left out during Karaoke Night.

Affiliation: Working as an agent of the Soviet Government to take down the Mishima Zaibatsu single-handedly.

Background: A member of the elite Spetsnaz Unit, Dragunov was known as the ‘White Angel of Death’ throughout many battlefields for his terrifying battle prowess. While involved in an investigation of an object that fell from the sky onto Siberia, Dragunov was given a mission to infiltrate the King of Iron Fist Tournament 5 in order to capture a being known as ‘Devil’. Unfortunately Dragunov did not encounter his target and had to return empty-handed to Russia.
Later, as war and chaos began to spread all over the globe, Dragunov found himself fighting to put down civil unrest in many parts of the country. Once it was discovered that the disturbances were caused by covert operations ordered by Jin Kazama, an order was given to Dragunov- enter the upcoming King of Iron Fist Tournament 6 and destroy the Mishima Zaibatsu. The White Angel of Death soon found himself once again headed to Japan…

Character Analysis: Love him or hate him, one can surely agree that Sergei Dragunov is one scary individual. Silent waters may run deep, and certainly this Spetsnaz commando is ready, willing and able to drown any opposition that comes up against him. This guy’s got cold, sinister and malevolence down pat with just a simple glare and a stroke of his unmoving chin. Is he really evil personified or just misunderstood? Well, really- it may be a stretch to call this guy evil- he’s a soldier first and foremost, and unmistakably ruthless. But he’s doing it all for the sake of the motherland. Or maybe because he enjoys crushing enemies under his boot. Unless we see something more from this guy- perhaps a small scene of him cuddling a kitten or saving an innocent- we can probably assume that Jack-6 has more humanity than he does.

Anyone interested in using Dragunov should be ready to practice a bit- his timing and speed are unusual; he’s faster than he looks, but definitely heavier than many quick combatants. But once you master his combos and fakeout moves, this guy can dish out the pain like few others.

What lies in the future for Creepy Sergei? He’s sure to continue to be a sinister presence in the tournament, a wild card and dangerous outsider (very much like other operatives like Raven) who add color more interesting factions to the overall plot. What I’ll want to see though is if there is more to this quiet assassin than meets the eye.

Stay tuned as we delve into another fighter’s story next week!

Tekken 6 is set for release on PS3, Xbox360 and PSP this October 2009.


13 Responses to “Tekken 6 Character Countdown Part 36: Sergei Dragunov”

  1. LOLOLOL dragunov goes to karaokoe night!!! i would laugh so hard to see my favorite character ,and one of the scariest too, cuddle a kitten. when tekken 6 comes out, im beating it on ultra hard with sergei.

  2. LOL! Really? DOES Sergei go to Karaoke night..? LOL LOL LOL… and what’s with the BOTTLECAP COLLECTION…? ANd uh.. good, strong vodka? Where in the halibut did you get this info?? XD or you made it up? Well if I get my hands on Tekken 6, I’ll probably beat it with this badass…

  3. cuddle a kitten!?! xD That would be too hilarious! But anyway! I love this character, Awesome moveset, along with his personality. good refresh for the series 😀

  4. Sergei Dragunov is the half-god he has extraordinary abilities and fighting dynamic performance is shown from Sergei own character description that is silent and shows an aura of a killer who desires that this looks very scary when I use another character to fight him I felt the other strength than others but somehow I realized that magic combo that comes from strength and ultimate moments are buried deep in the quiet figure ruthless and cruel that the reason why in the good of my favorite characters in the signature or the signature 6 bloodline Rebellion 5 dark ressurection

  5. Sergei Dragunov je snad tou nejmilejší postavou v sérii tekkena. Je o něm známo že miluje hudbu a rád si zazpívá. Vyzařuje z něho neodolatelné charizma ale také autorita až se může zdát že je bezcitný. Ani se nedivím že mu zachutnala vodka je to Rus. Jen tak mimochodem od kdy je rusko sovětský svaz?

  6. SilentCircus Says:

    Everyone thinks he looks so sinister and scary, but I see sadness in his eyes. There’s something hidden, beneath layers of ice. I feel like I could connect with him for some reason….

  7. To není pravda já si nemyslím že je zlověstný a děsivý. Máš pravdu v jeho nádherných očích je veliký smutek, který málo kdo postřehne. Třeba se v dalších dílech tekkena dozvíme co se mu stalo že je takový.

  8. He is my favorite . He is good. he does not seem to be a corpse-looking person.But i request u to make him talk. I want to hear his voice…..plz cuz every other character speak except him.So, make sure that he speaks in tekken7 very well…………….thanx.

  9. he is my favourite and he is so gud. when will he talk?


  10. Jericho Sullano Says:

    Does dragunov talk?

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