Taking Apart the Tekken 6 GamesCom 2009 Trailer

GamesCom 2009 brought us quite a lot of new Tekken 6 footage, but of course the most impressive is surely the new ‘Story’ trailer. The latest in a long line of spots, this video has everyting from in-game cutscenes to customizations, pre-rendered story vids and intriguing hints of the ongoing plot. So as we’ve got nothing better to do- let’s dissect this video and see what we can see in the frames…

The trailer starts off with pre-rendered footage of Jin on his VTOL (seen in previous trailers, but with fancy filters and slow motion), with the subtitled dialogue “Everything is in motion…” Yeah, he’s caused quite a bit of trouble, hasn’t he? Pretty impressive for a kid who once lived with his mama in a forest. A narrator continues speaking, relating the general Tekken 6 story- how the Zaibatsu has declared independence and war against the rest of the world. Accompanying footage is stuff we’ve seen to death already- Tekken Force saluting Jin, Nina in the ranks, etcetera.

The Scenario Campaign looks to be awesome if only for the in-game cutscenes that promise to tell a more detailed story than usual. Hopefully all the fighters will get the same treatment, and not just new Goldenboy Lars.

Then there’s in-game stuff- fighters squaring off. Same stuff we’ve seen in previous trailers. Jin’s “Power is Everything” line is hyped up. In-game action follows, with Jin, Kazuya and Lars kicking butt. We hear what may be Kazuya or Jin saying “You… I’m taking you down!” This is really a battle between these two, but the whole world is involved… talk about airing your dirty laundry in public. More in-game action continues, finally showing off new footage.
We then see Bryan and Nina squaring off in-game in the Urban Warzone stage. Both morph from their stock outfits to heavily-customized alternate costumes- Bryan looking like a Republic Clone Trooper while Nina gets red hair and a form-fitting racing suit. Bryan shows off his mini-gun (ooh, kinky). Nina also seems to have gotten a new intro quote, “This should be fun…” Never heard this before in the arcade.

Nicely enough, the trailer shows off several characters’ customizations, including Samurai Asuka, Kuma-Hei and Beast Form King.

As Bryan is blowing away Nina we heard some chatter on a radio with subtitles- apparently the Zaibatsu troops have lost a base to the ‘rebel army’ (obviously Lars’ forces). We then see CG pre-rendered footage of Lars himself, (seen before) kicking some Tekken Shu butt as we hear him tell someone they’re entering some G-Corporation Research Facility. We then see some cutscenes of Alisa’s ‘crib’. In-game footage from the Scenario Campaign pops up as Lars asks for back-up, which is promptly answered by Alisa’s voice. So, are Lars and Alisa a couple? What is their connection? Perhaps he is the one who initially awakens her?

We then hear Lars’ voice utter some pretty intriguing lines. “If I don’t stop Jin, there’ll be no going back.” Another voice, from an unknown character, replies, “What do you think he’s after?”
I can infer a few things from this exchange- one, Lars is apparently indeed a ‘good guy’, or at least he started his rebellion in order to stop Jin’s rampage. But the more intriguing part is that there is a bit of mystery still to the new Zaibatsu CEO’s actions- is Jin truly evil? Or is there something else afoot? Is there a plan somewhere that will explain all this? Something tells me not everything is what it seems.

We then hear Zafina (I think) say “Kazuya Mishima is on the move,” along with a cutscene (most probably from Scenario Campaign). “It’s the fate of our family to fight and betray each other.” is uttered by another voice- perhaps Kazuya or Lars. Ah, the life of a Mishima.

Christie’s story is a lot more serious and dramatic this time around… will there be a happy ending for the Capoeira Clan? Doesn’t look like it…

In game action follows, along with scenes from that much-used CG Jin-and-Kazuya fight on the rooftop. Man, the trailer editors really, really, really love that scene. Anyway some new in-game stuff is seen, like Alisa doing a cool throw on Marduk, and several heavily-customized fighters in action; Asuka in her full Samurai Warrior get-up, King in his beast form, Heihachi with his Kuma headpiece and war drums and a goat-faced Devil Jin. Nice to see Asuka doing her Sacred Bow attack as well.

More Scenario Campaign scenes as the narrator relates how G-Corporation put out the bounty on Jin’s head, then how the Tekken 6 Tournament was announced. Then pre-rendered CG cutscene snippets, some familiar, some new. We see more of a mourning Christie, this time with Eddy- is the Great Capoeira Master dead? Or is this a red herring? Then we see a brief scene with Anna and Nina, together yet NOT kicking each others’ butt… what’s that about? A voice (Heihachi?) says ominously, “The stage is set… now we wait.” Story of our lives, damn it.

Scenes like this just make you go ‘hmmm.’ The Williams’ sisters, together and NOT at each other’s throats??? A-mazing…

Has Jin really gone to the dark side? We’ll just have to fight our way to the ending to find out.

To close off the trailer we see Jin charging at Azazel as the words ‘Let’s put an end to this.” are uttered. Whoa.

So many questions raised once more. Unfortunately, we can only sit and speculate as we wait for the home versions of Tekken 6, out this coming October 27.


3 Responses to “Taking Apart the Tekken 6 GamesCom 2009 Trailer”

  1. The waiting game. Argh…

  2. New trailer has just been released on XBL

  3. They best have traditional Story Mode

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