Tekken 6 Console: New Console Outfits for Anna, Asuka

More outfits, More awesomeness for the console Tekken 6!

Jin, Lars and Zafina aren’t the only fighters getting extra costumes in the console versions of Tekken 6. At least Anna Williams and Asuka Kazama will be getting new threads. Nagano Mamoru (Five Stars Stories) has designed outfits for Anna and Asuka; Mamoru designed costumes for Tekken characters as well back in Tekken 5.

Anna’s outfit seems to be a return of her classic Zebra outfit from Tekken 3- it’s a haute couture ensemble with black-and-white patterns with accompanying hat. Meanwhile, Asuka’s new outfit is a short and sassy yellow dress with a scarf and thigh-high boots/leggings… perhaps something the trendy teen would wear in Tokyo?
Supposedly 3 more comic writers are designing new outfits for the console versions.

Man, this is great. Really, the Tekken team is totally throwing in so much goodies in the home versions… they seem to be going for some kinda record. Heheh… Anyway, Tekken 6 is set for release on PS3, Xbox360 and PSP this coming October. More as we get it!


8 Responses to “Tekken 6 Console: New Console Outfits for Anna, Asuka”

  1. Aww shucks. I was gonna link this to you but you beat me. 😛

    Nice costumes btw.

  2. Nice. Extra costumes have been pretty balls so far, but these look cool. They just need to give Nina a good outfit now and i’ll get this game on day one.

  3. hmm still awaiting news for new outfits for King n Ganryu… and Ganryu should at least get a cook outfit, considering his backstory!!

  4. really thank you for posting all these news of Tekken 6, i can’t wait !!! i’m playing Tekken 5 and i kind of frustrated !! Pleeease can’t they at least give us a demo in september ??!!!

    • With just little over two months left, a demo is very unlikely. I’d rather they finish the game as soon as possible. Till the game goes gold we can assume they’re still tweaking it. I want the final release to be as perfect in visuals and gameplay to the arcade versions- we already know content-wise it already has gone up and over the top. Just a bit more patience… heheh.

  5. Man I’m loving all the alternate outfits.

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