Some Crazy Tekken 6 Marketing Ideas

With just a little over 70 days to go to the release of the much-anticipated Tekken 6 for consoles, Namco-Bandai’s marketing and advertising activities for this game are sure to keep going in high gear for the duration. So far we’ve seen Tekken 6 hook up with TapouT for t-shirts and put up a Penny Arcade webcomic. What other crazy schemes and wild stuff can we expect to pop up to build up (unnecessarily) our gusto for this game? Here are some ideas…

Tekken 6 Chicken. Chickens, as any Tekken-head should know, is a counter against a counter, which is pretty rare to see. That should change with a new wave of T6-branded poultry products! Whether it’s Iron-fisted nuggets or a full-on meal combo at KFC (Original or Bloodline Rebellion?), this should be a pretty tasty mouthful. EAT THIS!

Tekken Baby Powder. As New Zaibatsu CEO Jin Kazama always says, Powder is Everything. All those knuckle-busting, suspense-filled matches can get a gamer sweaty; so can staring at hot babes in hot pants or skimpy miniskirts. So powder on and keep high and dry and smelling good and fresh even when you’re really not.

Tekken Self-defense Courses for Guys. Yeah, you read that right. As Tekken 6 showed us, even the biggest, most muscle-bound guy armed with a minigun isn’t safe from being mauled by petite girls. Namco-Bandai will hook up with some special forces instructors to teach vulnerable males how to keep themselves from being torn apart by ferocious females.

Rage Cologne. A new body spray that will make ladies swear you’re exuding a black mist of anger… sexy anger. A mix that may be described as an intoxicating blend of musk, motor oil and chocolate.

And these are but a few of the possible things (okay probably not) we can see in the next few weeks as the Tekken 6 marketing machine goes into OVERDRIVE. Hey, who knows? Maybe some Namco-Bandai advertiser reads the blog. Heheh.


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