Own your own Enchanted War Bracers!

Battle bracelets or Mood Tumblers? You decide.

Anyone who’s a long-time reader of The Lone Gamer probably knows I have one fighting game that I have been waiting for a long, long, long, LOOOOOONG time… nad NO, it’s not Tekken 6. At least Tekken 6 has a freakin’ release date, it’s being marketed and it’s happening. No, that’s not it. The title I’m referring to is the seemingly-eternally-in-limbo Warriors of Elysia, the sequel to the PC cheesecake fighter, Bikini Karate Babes.

To keep everyone up to speed, WOE basically threw out the silliness of the earlier game and put in a more serious storyline and drama (well, as serious as a fantasy island full of warring babes in bikinis can get), and apparently improved the graphics and gameplay to involve actual 3D movement and deeper gameplay. Yeah, it’s no Tekken 6 or Soulcalibur… but it’s got battlin’ babes in bikinis- what else do you need?

Unfortunately as mentioned, the game has been in development and publisher approval limbo forever- to date, there’s still no firm release date, and the game creators (Creative Edge Studios) are continually doing everything to keep their loyal fans interested and continually coming to their boards. And this includes hawking and selling off the bikinis and other props the game actresses wore on the shoots, and now- the opportunity to own your own set of Evil Babe Bracers! Yeah, they are actually selling these bracelets, the source of power for the evil babes in the game, to fans. According to the site, the bracers are leather (though painted to look metal) and pretty sturdy, so can actually be used as armor (perfect for those occasions when you’d need armor). Just fasten the velcro strip and you’re good to go! Though I doubt that the actual article has that neat glow in the photo.

And you thought the crazy marketing stuff I wrote for Tekken 6 were wild? Heheh… anyway… in the next couple of months… will Warriors of Elysia have a release date before or by the time Tekken 6 comes out? We’ll see. But I won’t hold my breath.


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