Tekken 6 Cover Girl: Lili Rochefort in Girls of Gaming 7!

Lili (and some of the Tekken guys) take to the beach in the latest issue of Play’s videogame cheesecake mag.

SD-Tekken just posted this nice bit of info. The lovely, leggy Lili Rochefort is gracing the cover of Play’s Girls of Gaming Vol. 7. The blonde heiress from Monaco shows off her swimsuit body as well as a nice tan in a skimpy bikini, with some of the Tekken boys frolicking in the background. Perhaps yet another bit of marketing and buzz for the upcoming console release of Tekken 6 in a couple of months.

Well, what can I say? The artwork is quite nice, if a bit out of character for the usually demure Miss Rochefort… perhaps a more good girl pose and her usual complexion would make this more ‘official’-looking. A beach catfight with Asuka Kazama would have been even more awesome. Anyway, supposedly more Tekken babes (hopefully with more or less the same type of attire) are for the admiring inside the issue, but of course we won’t know that unless we get the mag, or if some nice guy posts scans online (heheh). I’ll keep my eyes out for it, in any case.

Man, how awesome would it be to have that bikini in the game… Harada-san? Hello… Heheh…

Anyway, check out SD-Tekken’s article and a larger version of the pic here.

UPDATE: Perhaps looking at the artwork a little bit too much than what would be considered healthy (heheh), I checked if it actually IS our Lili Rochefort, since there seems to be quite a few people saying ‘it doesn’t look like Lili.” Well, here’s my two cents.
Comparing face shapes and features, it’s pretty much exact to Lili’s latest CG artwork- eyes, nose and lips, shape of her face and chin. What’s different? Her eyes seem to be colored green, while they’re blue in her portraits (this may be just an effect of the lighting). Her complexion is a bit darker with a nice healthy tan, instead of the usual alabaster paleness. Her hair as well is more wind-blown than the usual perfectly-coiffed locks since, well, she’s at the beach. Also, her hair color is a bit more gold than the more pale blonde, again probably a result of the sunset’s light.

As for her body shape, looks consistent as well. All in all… yeah, people… I’d say it’s Lili all right. Most probably drawn by the official Namco artists, or someone who really went a good way to mimic her official look. So… well… enjoy, folks. WAHAHA!


11 Responses to “Tekken 6 Cover Girl: Lili Rochefort in Girls of Gaming 7!”

  1. And…I jizzed…

  2. haha, I love the dudes fighting in the background (fighting over who gets to rub sunscreen on Lili perhaps??)

  3. Kinda weird if you consider ALL of them- Kazuya, Paul and Heihachi- are old enough to be her grandfather… Dirty Old Men, one sweet sixteener. ^_^

  4. I’d still hit it.

  5. XiaoyuFan Says:

    This is pretty and all but she only 16 thats pretty much just like making an 14 year old in swim suit and guys are drooling over that ….

  6. man oh man! she looks awesome than ever. i really hope the guys in the background are tekken hotties fighting rub sunscreen on her body. hehehe!!!

  7. midvalley Says:

    @XiaoyuFan: 16 is 16, and legal in most states. Rounding it down to 14 makes about as much sense as rounding up to 18, considering it’s 2 years in either direction. Then there’s the fact she’s a fictional character made of computer graphics, whose artists took liberties with her proportions…

  8. Smexy 😉

  9. thats what she said lulan 😉

  10. q linda se ve lili asi deberia jugar guauuu q muñeca

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