Played the Dissidia Final Fantasy Demo…

… and well, it was okay. You get several characters (Cloud, Terra, Sephiroth among others) whom you take through several fights, each one teaching you the basics like Brave Attacks, HP Attacks, Quick Moves, Power Moves and so forth. To call this a Final Fantasy Fighting Game would not be totally wrong, however it’s also not totally right. It seems to be as much a real-time strategy/RPG as it is a fighting game; it’s not so much your use of combos and quick reflexes as it is getting your character into the right position, using the right moves and building up your powers with customizations. If you expect to blow through this with button-mashing, you’re gonna be very surprised as your character flounders about in floaty jumps, swinging at the air while the enemy pelts you with spells or missiles, then summons a super-attack to Ultima your ass.

Still, it was pretty entertaining to beat the heck out of Tidus and Squall (although Cloud always expressed regret at the end of the round) and later the heavily armored Garland. It’s not a Tekken or Soulcalibur- that much players have to realize going in. If you’re looking for more conventional beat ’em up action, wait for Soulcalibur: Broken Destiny. For those wanting to lay the smackdown on FF’s Finest with quite a bit of RPG-esque micromanagement, Dissidia is out later this month.


3 Responses to “Played the Dissidia Final Fantasy Demo…”

  1. Played it as well. My thoughts are the same.

  2. It’s okay, but still, the gameplay needs working.

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