Tekken 6 Character Matchup Part 8: Lars vs Law

Namco-Bandai and Gametrailers’ Character Matchup and online Tekken Tournament continues with Week 8. This time, one of the newest challengers takes on a fighter from the original roster. It’s Zaibatsu defector and Swedish subversive Lars Alexandersson versus the Fighting Chef, Marshall Law!

The Swedish-Japanese Lars is trained in ‘Military Combat’.

Law is a Martial Arts Legend from the USA.

Now, here’s a matchup that should be pretty interesting. Law’s been a Tekken favorite since Day One, so he’s sure to have legions of fans. But this Eternal Underdog isn’t exactly the most popular fighter out there. Meanwhile, Lars, even though a total newcomer, has proven to be extremely popular thanks to his bad-ass skills and his status as being a new protagonist in the main Tekken storyline.

Also, I have to say Lars’ trailer is far more impressive than Law’s… so my vote goes to the Rebel for a New Age, Lars Alexandersson! Go vote for your fave by sharing your fave trailer with as many friends as you can. Check out hi-res versions of the Tekken 6 Character Trailers here.


5 Responses to “Tekken 6 Character Matchup Part 8: Lars vs Law”

  1. Lars baby!!!

  2. Law gets mine he’s the most fun to play with

  3. Lars’ has my vote. He had a bad ass video.

  4. i m jin kazama he is the most handsom and good figther

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