Tekken 6 Comic from Penny Arcade

UPDATE: The image recently posted by TekkenBob and SD-Tekken has turned out to be a Tekken Webcomic done by Penny Arcade. Well, well… now EVERYONE has to have their own comic, eh? Heheh… anyway, one page is already up, with more soon. Penny Arcade also contributed a Yoshimitsu alternate outfit, the Cardboard Tube Samurai, as an exclusive DLC outfit from Gamestop.

Anyway, the comic has the usual PA art style and comedic sense, and seems to be focusing on the Roger Family’s origin. Where is this going? We’ll have to see. Check out Penny Arcade’s Tekken Webcomic!

2 Responses to “Tekken 6 Comic from Penny Arcade”

  1. ROGER!!!

  2. Home console version item move, my money is on (available for all characters)

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