Tekken 6 Screens, Video Preview at Gamespot

Too much… man-flesh…

Gamespot just posted a bunch of new screenshots and art from our upcoming dream fighter, Tekken 6. The screenshots once again show off action from Scenario Campaign mode, which tends to have pairs of normally hostile rivals fighting together against some baddies. This time it’s Lei Wulong and Feng Wei dishing out the pain, in one screen notably against some much-too-unclad sumo wrestlers. Sumo wrestlers on the street? Well, it’s certainly nice to see enemy variety runs the gamut. Also included among the new screens are more pics of Zafina’s console-exclusive Butterfly Bra Outfit, both in-game and renders. The costume looks… nice. Still as gaudy as Asuka’s Diceroller was in Tekken 5… probably not what I’d pick for my own Zaf to wear.

Anyway, also up at Gamespot is a nice 3-minute or so Video Preview, complete with one of the snottiest-sounding english accented voiceovers EVER (it’s Gamespot UK, after all). The preview focuses a lot on the BR newcomers, Alisa and Lars, and shows off some gameplay. Overall it’s positive to a point, though with weird words like ‘silly’ and ‘ridiculous’ being thrown in (albeit mostly positively).

Not included in the Video Preview (but included in the regular text preview) is some info about Katsuhiro Harada‘s stance on DLC. As we’ve mentioned before, the Tekken 6 producer still firmly believes that when they ship the game, it’s a finished, stand-alone product with everything in the box from the start. He doesn’t want to suddenly follow it up with penny-pinching DLC crap (Capcom can learn a lot from this guy). So apparently there are no plans at present for any DLC. If there will be any additional costumes and stuff in the future, it will be FREE (well, we’ll see).

One last note- apparently Harada-san and team like the idea of guest characters in principle, but seem to be more receptive to adding in characters from other games within Namco-Bandai, as opposed to Soulcalibur bringing in guests from galaxies and franchises far, far away. But as of right now, no plans for any more fighters are underway. With less than three months to go… nah.

Anyway, check out the Gamespot stuff for now, as we’ve still got more than 80 days to go. Sigh…


6 Responses to “Tekken 6 Screens, Video Preview at Gamespot”

  1. Same old same old…Have you noticed the health bars, they’ve changed position. Don’t like how it looks tbh.

  2. Oi leave my english accent alone although I do hate snobs

  3. can u see th camera in the health bar right next to the character cgi, maybe this is the combo recording that we were promised

  4. how is that voice snotty you need to visit Essex

  5. tekken 6 interview on inside xbox uk released today

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