Tekken 6 Facebook Q & A

Namco-Bandai is holding a Q & A session over at their Facebook account. Have a question for the Tekken developers concerning the upcoming release of the home versions? Then post a comment with the question over at the Tekken Facebook. The best questions will be gathered and given over to Harada-san and company, and their answers posted on Facebook in the coming weeks.

Unfortunately, this has opened up a whole can of worms- basically TONS of idiotic questions and requests for the return of old characters ad infinitum. WILL TEKKEN 6 BE COMING TO PS2???? What the frack? Someone, get a brain. Sheesh.

Anyway, if you have real questions for the Tekken devs (don’t give requests… really now) then comment away. Who knows, they just may give you the answer you’re looking for. Or not. Heh.


2 Responses to “Tekken 6 Facebook Q & A”

  1. Some of the questions I’ve seen on that page…It makes me doubt the intelligence of mankind.

    • WAHAHA! Yeah, my sentiments exactly. Unfortunately not everyone is as informed as actual fans who really care about the game… but yeah, you just wanna smack some fools for some of the stupider comments. ^_^

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