10 Reasons Why Tekken 6 Is Gonna Kick Butt

What makes Tekken 6 THE Fighting Game of 2009?

I’ll say it once, I’ll say it again… Tekken 6 is awesome. This from someone who has been playing the arcade version for the past year and a half and STILL can’t get enough Iron Fist-Fighting. But as great as the arcade versions are, Tekken 6 is only going to get better as it arrives on consoles this October. Here are some reasons why.

Nancy’s Stage is exclusive to the console versions.

It’s the Ultimate Version. Forget the outdated, unbalanced Tekken 6.0 (aka Vanilla). The home version of Tekken 6 will be based on the heavily rebalanced Bloodline Rebellion upgrade, including the two additional characters and all the new moves, animation tweaks, game balancing and TONS of new customizations that came with it. Above all that, there will be even more added content exclusive to consoles, including all the expected home-only modes of play, online play, even more customizations, new stages and all the trimmings and extras we’ve come to expect of Namco-Bandai’s overstuffed ports. AND then some.

The Biggest Roster Ever. At 40-odd characters, the Tekken 6 roster is the biggest the series has ever seen. But quantity means less quality, right? WRONG. With the exception of two characters (Christie and Panda) who share the same movelist with a male counterpart and a Mimic (Mokujin), every single fighter in Tekken 6 has their own unique and large movelist, combos, strategies, strengths, weaknesses, play style, personality, customizations and storyline. Whether you want to play as a rugged martial artist, hot babe, cyborg psycho, killer robot, old master or whatever- there’s probably a character to suit your style. Choose your Main and Train!

It’s Tekken… in HD. First off, if you haven’t seen Tekken 6 in the arcade… you haven’t seen it. Youtube videos or even the ‘high quality’ vids often seen online can’t do the game’s visuals justice. Often lost in the uploads are the great detail of the characters and stages. Almost always lost is the lush, rock-solid 60 frames per second animations.
Every fighter is exquisitely detailed, from head to toe, gums and teeth, fingernails, toenails to muscles and clothing. The Tekken crew has never looked hotter (for the babes) or uglier (for quite a few of the guys), and that’s in a good way.
But forget simple looks- Tekken team re-did pretty much every frame of animation in the game, making the game move slicker and cooler, more full and complete. From elaborate throws to rockin’ combos and satisfying knockout animations, to the realistic clothing animations… Tekken 6 is truly poetry in motion. Wait for this game- it’s what you bought that huge-screen HDTV for.

The kick-ass graphics and animations just may give you a black eye.

Full-featured Gameplay. Your attention may be caught by the game’s awesome graphics, but it’s the addictive gameplay and fighting action that will keep you coming back again and again… that’s why Tekken 6 has been at the very top of Japan’s Arcade Games for the last several months (and still going strong). Let silly pundits say that Tekken 6 is all flash and no substance- nothing can be further from the truth. Tekken 6 is as deep and layered as a fighting game can get, with huge movelists, tons of combos, combo-extenders, Z-axis movement, counters and anti-counters, getup and ground games, juggles and interactive environments all coming into play. But anyone who can move a joystick and press a button can just jump in, pick up a move and combo or two, and start having fun. That’s how complete, deep and full a fighter Tekken 6 is. Anyone who says otherwise is wrong. Dead wrong.

Crazy Customizations. Who’s have ever thought that playing dress-up would be something macho guys and gamer dudes can get addicted to? Well, aside from racking up wins and getting that high rank, Tekken fans keep going back to arcades to pimp out their fighters with alternate outfits, wacky hairstyles and slick items. Does this pair of shorts make my Asuka look fat? Will Bob look more bad-ass with a gas mask or the hamburger hat?

Tekken 6’s Character Customization is pretty large, and every character has tons of stuff to use- but it’s not the same as Soulcalibur IV’s Character Creation. You can only go so far (no dressing down all the babes to their undies, sadly) and every character has their own unique wardrobe, with various items common for all. But there are tons of ways to make your fighter hotter than usual and certainly unique-looking. You’ll surely play a long, long time to unlock everything and spend even longer tweaking your character’s perfect look.

The Tekken Soap Opera. Who Cares About the Story? GOBS of people do, believe it or not. Including ME. Well, at least in Tekken I do; this damn game has become the gamer version of Days of Our Lives. The home versions of Tekken 6 will be the only places to go to find out stuff like WHY the freakin’ hell Jin Kazama became a world-class asshole. Or what newcomer Lars Alexandersson really wants to accomplish with his Bloodline Rebellion. Or if Leo really is a girl or not. We can count on the game to have tons of cutscenes, real-time or prerendered, to tell the whole story… as cool or as silly it eventually turns out to be.

Scenario Campaign may just be a glorified Final Fight… but it still looks damn fun.

A New Way to Play. Tekken 6’s Scenario Campaign Mode is really just a flashy new name for the classic Tekken Force minigame, but damn if it doesn’t look fun as hell. Take your favorite fighter and a buddy (controlled by the CPU A.I. if you’re offline, or by a friend online) and go to town, beating up enemies left and right. Not only do you have your fighter’s full movelist, you can grab weapons and items to dish out the pain. Earn gold to buy customizations and unlock secrets, and learn more about the ongoing storyline via some real-time cutscenes.

The Hottest Babes. Yeah, yeah… every good fighting game has hotties. But Tekken 6 has more of them (count ’em… nine!) and the best-looking thanks to the game’s gloriously-detailed HD graphics. Uber-beauties like Nina Williams, Lili Rochefort and Asuka Kazama have truly never looked as gorgeous as they do in the game. They’ve got the looks, the moves, the skills and even a little bit of teasing jiggle. We’ve got a hot date coming this October, and that’s a sure thing.

From martial arts cuties to Lethal Lolitas… Tekken 6 got the babes for you.

Hard-hitting Sounds. Tekken 6’s sounds are sure to make an impact, and not just for the return of the characteristically-quirky sound effects and character grunts. The music of the game is unique, merging odd J-Pop tunes and dramatic scores with some of the most unusual tunes you’ll hear from a fighting game. Who actually thought Yodeling would make a great backdrop for full-contact melee combat?

And last but not least… It’s REALLY Coming. The only other fighter that holds a candle to Tekken 6’s graphics, full-contact gameplay and outrageous customization is Virtua Fighter 5R, which while kick-ass as well… it’s as yet still not announced for consoles, and no one outside of Sega of Japan has a freakin’ idea if it ever will be.

For any fighting game fan serious about deep fighting and value for his buck, Tekken 6 is THE game. Forget everything else that has come before… the True King arrives with an Iron Fist this October.


7 Responses to “10 Reasons Why Tekken 6 Is Gonna Kick Butt”

  1. Excellent post!

  2. ty for posting this mate

  3. Outstanding post mate!

    My cousins and I are real Tekken diehards! Hooked since Tekken3

    This is just what we’ve been waiting for!!

    How does the online play work… Don’t tell me we’ll be able to have real time fights online, against mates overseas too??


  4. Outstanding!

    I look forward to running into ya mate 😉

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  6. q ingin punya hp nexian dan ps3 tekken 6 bagaimana caranya…!!!

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