Tekken 6 Live-action Movie Update: Go-Go a No Go!

In an exclusive tidbit, Kotaku’s Brian Ashcraft just revealed that Japanese actress Chiaki Kuriyama will NOT be appearing as kung-fu kitten Ling Xiaoyu in the upcoming live-action Tekken film. According to Ashcraft, Chiaki herself denied her appearing in the film, in fact saying that she isn’t even aware of the movie’s progress. This pretty much contradicts her Internet Movie Database entry stating her appearance in the fighting game movie adaptation, and is perhaps a bad blow to the movie… I know I was one of the many looking forward to a pigtailed Chiaki kicking butt on the big screen. Oh well.

As for the Tekken movie itself, no word still on the thing- if it’s gonna release this year, if ever, there’s less than three months to market it in time with the console game release. Where are the trailers? The TV spots? Is it still alive or did it go the way of the Soulcalibur Movie, lost in the misty oblivion of game-to-movie limbo? Given the recent, utter shit release of another fighting game adaptation, Streetfighter: The Legend of Chun-Li… perhaps that’s for the best? Hmmm.

Anyway, check out the Kotaku article here.


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