Tekken 6 Cosplay in China!

Ling and Leo strike a pose!

Recently, Namco-Bandai held a Tekken 6 Tournament in China. Katsuhiro Harada himself was there among the crowd, signing autographs and soaking in the fighting fandom. Tons of photos were taken and perhaps the coolest thing for us Tekken-heads to see are all the Chinese cosplayers at the event- there’s a pretty cute-looking Xiaoyu (whom we can be sure is really Chinese), several mean-looking Jins, an anorexic Bob, a bubbly Alisa, a sexy Zafina and more. It looked like quite a blast, and Tekken 6 seems to have a big following in the mainland.

Zafina and her guys.

Anyway, check the article out (in Chinese) and find tons of pics here. Tekken 6 is due out on PS3, Xbox360 and PSP this October.


5 Responses to “Tekken 6 Cosplay in China!”

  1. HAHA this is hilarious, looks like Jin lost his muscles (and hair ) and took some weight and Hwoarang really needs a new hair color…

  2. I wonder if this kinda answers the question of Leo’s gender..?

  3. Were’nt there any fat guys to play Bob?

    btw wheres the King cosplayer? Did you mean the poster’s avatar?

  4. there’s a big cosplay event in Roppongi Tokyo that looks really fun to be at

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