Tekken 6 Character Matchup Part 7: Bob vs Raven

Week 7 of Namco-Bandai and Gametrailers’ online Tekken 6 Tournament is here and pits two very different fighters once more. In fact, the only thing these two Tekken warriors seem have in common is that they both have no need for a last name… it’s the furious fatman Bob versus mysterious ninja Raven!

Bob is a martial arts genius from the US who specializes in Freestyle Karate.

The enigmatic Raven is a master of ninjitsu from parts unknown.

Both blokes this week, which is a big Meh for me. But well, Raven’s trailer gets my vote for being the more bad-ass spot, showing of some cool ninja clone moves in action.Anyway, hi-res versions of the character trailers can be viewed here. Vote for your fave by sharing it with friends to unlock exclusive content. Tekken 6 is set for release on PS3, Xbox360 and PSP this coming October 2009.


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