Oh MY! Lotsa Awesome New Tekken 6 Screens!

Asuka gives her now-evil cousin Jin the boot.

Game Watch of Japan just posted a HUGE article on the upcoming console versions of Tekken 6. Though it begins safely enough with the usual gaggle of info about the game and the limited edition bundles, some character profiles and game features… it suddenly astounds with some all-new screens, including some cool stills from the Scenario Campaign’s Intro CG Cutscene!

Lars begins his Bloody Rebellion.

Tekken Force troops gear for combat.

Firefights ensue as Rebel Tekkenshu take on Zaibatsu Regulars.

The CG cinematic apparently shows Lars Alexandersson (Scenario Campaign mode’s default hero) beginning his coup against the Mishima Zaibatsu with an assault on a heavily-guarded facility. Just what is in this base that has Lars interested? Methinks i know, but we’ll see. Anyway, awesome stuff!

Rivals Asuka and Lili team against some mean-looking enemies… including what appears to be an armored Bob?

All that plus yes, there even more screens of Scenario Campaign gameplay and pics of the extra console outfits for both Lars and Zafina.

Zafina’s new outfit in action.

Also, the Japanese are getting their own Limited and Collector’s Edition of the game; once again it comes with The Game and a Wireless Hori Stick plus Art Book. The LE and CE will also be available at Play-Asia, so now everyone can have their extra-expensive and extra-spiffy Tekken 6 this October.

What a great thing to find on a Friday! And you can probably expect more… TONS MORE Tekken 6 stuff to come as the hype for this game heats up. Check out all the exciting goodies here! Tekken 6 is set for release on PS3 and Xbox360 this October 2009- October 27 for the US, while it’s October 29 for Japan.


5 Responses to “Oh MY! Lotsa Awesome New Tekken 6 Screens!”

  1. Wow awesome find dude!

  2. Coolness, BTW 360 gamer just did a preview on tekken 6 they rated it 8 out of 10, the thickos there thought that the customization was namco trying to make more characters thinking that thaey weren’t doing what was put on the tin to customize, if you’re gonna have a previewer then at least have someone who knows the background info

  3. are europe having the special edition

  4. No word yet on when Europe is getting a LE or CE. But there’s no reason that they won’t bring it there anyway.

    As for that thing about 360 gamer, what the heck are they doing scoring the game on a preview? And Tekken 6 is without a doubt, a 10, even this early. They’re asses. WAHAHA!

  5. It’s been confirmed that Europe, as well as Australia (w00t) is getting both bundles, I already pre-ordered my Stick Bundle. And it’s arriving on Australia’s shores on November 1st.

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