What Makes a ‘Deep’ Fighter?

Found this bit from the blog of Richard Li, 1Up‘s resident fighting game guru.

Each game in the top ten Arcadia list provide the player with an wealth of options and possibilities. Tekken 6, for example, is the number one game in japan for over 3 months, and is loved for a good reason. Despite the inordinate cast members, almost every character plays differently, their moves “unique,” their playstyle diverse. Watching match videos on youtube is hard to gauge the amount of metathinking, of weighing options, that the players must go through. Wavedashing backwards to get proper spacing, anticipating counterhits and counterthrows, sidestepping intelligently on the z-axis to avoid setups, waiting as a form of baiting — these are the things most ppl miss when watching match videos, and is sorely underappreciated.

I find it quite refreshing to see (deserved) praise for Tekken 6 from a big game site, something I tend to see far too few of these days for some reason. I was kinda worried about the game getting a fair review from a site that is pretty heavy with SFIV and VF, but now I’m kinda having some hope. We’ll see though.

Tekken 6 Bloodline Rebellion is, BTW, still the top arcade game in Japan according to the latest issue of Arcadia Magazine. The console versions are due out this October.


One Response to “What Makes a ‘Deep’ Fighter?”

  1. tenzing Says:

    Wow, theres a character who can wavedash backwards?? Or do Bryan/Paul/etc.’s qcb’s count as wavedashes?

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