Tekken 6 Console: Scenario Mode Info, Battle Record… Tekken 7?

Harada-san sheds some light on the much-anticipated brawler.

An interview with Namco-Bandai’s Katsuhiro Harada at Vandal.net, a Spanish gaming site, revealed some tidbits about the upcoming Tekken 6 for consoles, specifically about the Scenario Campaign Mode. The site is in Spanish, of course, so I took the liberty to use Google Translate.

As we already know, Scenario Campaign is a new, online-capable minigame/mode in Tekken 6 that will allow players to take their favorite Tekken fighters out of the regular arena and battle hordes of enemies in expansive areas and stages. Fight money, customization items and real-time cutscenes are in store for players in this new itineration of the classic Tekken Force mode.

According to the interview, Scenario Campaign is designed to be played either though Offline Single Player or Online Cooperative Multiplayer, and that’s it. There is apparently NO Offline Multiplayer AKA two players playing together on the same console, on the same couch. If you’re alone and don’t have an good internet connection, you play with your chosen fighter and an A.I. controlled buddy. If you’re online-connected then you can play alongside someone from the other end of the world, with them controlling your fighter’s ally.

According to Harada, the mode was specifically designed this way since two players having to play together using one TV will inevitably require split-screen or always restricting freedom of movement for the characters. If you are playing with a friend online, they can be in another room or area while you are in another, with no such restrictions… since you are using two different TVs.

The interview goes on to mention that one of the options/features being worked on (not 100% confirmed, I guess) is the ability to record matches for uploading online, which then can be viewed or downloaded.

Another feature being developed as well is Character Ghost Creation, how to record your match fighting style and use it in some way.

To end the interview, Harada mentions that he is indeed already thinking of the next Tekken, but it might actually not be called ‘Tekken 7’, just to change things up. Eh? Intriguing. Check out the original article here.

Tekken 6 is set for the PS3, Xbox360 and PSP this coming October 2009.


10 Responses to “Tekken 6 Console: Scenario Mode Info, Battle Record… Tekken 7?”

  1. TY so much for posting in this news

  2. I suppose he’s right though, I mean you couldn’t really play it split screen

  3. I’m actually very excited about the possibility of recording and downloading match videos. I hope you can actually capture footage as files you can use (hi-res mp4s would be great) to upload or just watch at your leisure off-console. I actually have video capture devices, but an in-game recording function would be awesome, and hopefully let us retain video with little or no loss of video quality.

  4. that sound really cool i hope it happens

  5. was really looking forward to play the scenario campaign in offline mode
    I mean, if me n my buddy can play splitscreen FPS games, then why would it be hard to play Tekken’s Scenario campaign? Gundam Musou already has this type of gameplay and the game is great

    anyway, its just a small disappointment; I guess I should appreciate Namco for including the scenario mode in the first place 😮

    bring on the Tekken 7 musings!

  6. I agree that no offline 2-Player is bullcrap. Having it available even with splitscreen or something would have been better than not having it available at all! I don’t see why it couldn’t be played splitscreen or samescreen even.

    There goes any chance of my friends ever getting into Tekken.

    Two thumbs up on the recording though! I was hoping they’d have that feature.

    Not sure what to make of character ghost creation though, whatever it is. doesn’t sound very useful.

  7. Yeah it shouldn’t be called “TEKKEN SEVEN”, sounds pretty weird haha. It should be called “Tekken Tag Tournament 2″….*wishful thinking*….

  8. i think the scenario campaign is outstanding. it reminds me of streets of rage, my fav beat em up. now i get to use all kinds of different punches, kicks and special attacks instead of the same moves over and over again like on streets of rage. does any 1 agree?

    you better not say “rather play streets of rage”!

  9. earthwindfire Says:

    i agree with ggr. although streets of rage was a classic. i find the scenario mode in tekken 6 very, very fun and enjoyable. i disagree with anyone who bashes the scenario campaign mode. im a huge fan of beat em ups and fighting games.

  10. J’aurais aimé vous parler du futur tekken 7. Alors premièrement je voulais vous parler des personnages;pour commencer j’aimerais éventuellement revoir tous les combattants qui étaient présents dans tekken 6, j’aimerais aussi que Harada fasse revivre Jun Kazama, Michelle Chang, Jinpachi Mishima et peut-être aussi Forest Law. D’autres parts j’avais pensé qu’il faudrait que Bob perde quelques kilos. Je vous serais très reconnaissant de bien vouloir me répondre et si vous le pouvez transmettre mes commentaires à namco et Harada.

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