Tekken 6 Character Matchup Part 6: Nina vs Jack-6

It’s Week 6 of Namco-Bandai and Gametrailers’ Online Tekken Tournament. This time, it’s the cold-blooded Master Assassin Nina Williams versus the Brutish Strength of Robotic Soldier Jack-6!

Nina’s the Other Irish Mistress of the Assassin Arts.

Jack-6 takes Brute Strength to the next level.

Now, both trailers are actually pretty cool… but well, by default my vote goes to the hottie, of course! DAMMIT, it’s NINA FREAKIN’ WILLIAMS! In a way I’m kinda glad that Asuka lost last week’s matchup (only by the slimmest of margins by last-minute voting spurts by Steve Lovers, dammit), since then she’d have to go up against Nina, a sentimental fave of mine. Anyway, watch and share the trailers and unlock exclusive Tekken content at Namco-Bandai’s site.

Check out hi-res versions of the Tekken 6 character trailers here.


7 Responses to “Tekken 6 Character Matchup Part 6: Nina vs Jack-6”

  1. Its a funny thing about anna and nina, they are meant to be irish yet their voices are american

  2. Jack 6 gets my vote

  3. who won?

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