Tekken 6 X TapouT: Fashionable Fighters!

Ling strikes a pose in her new TapouT shirt.

Okay, we’ve all heard about the extra console costumes for Tekken 6 from CLAMP and the Naruto guy… but this bit of news actually has me even more excited for some reason.
Just announced at the ongoing San Diego Comic Convention 2009, Namco-Bandai and TapouT have come together to introduce a line of special T-shirts that will appear as Customization Items in the upcoming console versions of Tekken 6. The shirts will also be available in the real world this coming September.

Namco’s official Tekken 6 Twitter, TekkenBob just posted quite a few screens showing off several fighters sporting the slick new T-shirts, including Xiaoyu, Bryan Fury, both Kings and Marduk. Of course, it’s expected that the Tapout customs will be a common item for all the available fighters, and that this will be in the games by default, and not some crappy, exclusive DLC like that Yoshimitsu Cardboard Tube Samurai Getup.

“As we look to enhance brand visibility in new ways, the idea to fuse TapouT and ‘Tekken 6’ was the perfect approach to introduce new apparel to our core fan base,” TapouT President Marc Kreiner said.

I think this is pretty cool… I’ve always thought that Fighting Games are PERFECT, simply no-brainer ways for particularly edgy clothing brands to show off their lines to a young, very cutting-edge and connected audience. Game characters, particularly in Fighting Games, are the focus of their medium, and often sport idealized proportions (making them perfect fashion models) and have their own fans and followings. I’m surprised this isn’t even more prevalent.

5 different T-shirt designs will be available for the fighting fashionista.

Anyway, check out the screens of Tekken Fighters sporting TapouT apparel at Namco-Bandai’s FlickR Photo Album, right here. Man, I can’t wait to get Asuka into one of those hot shirts. Hey… why not link Tekken up with Victoria’s Secret..?

The deal is the first co-branding agreement Namco Bandai has struck with a major apparel company for in-game and offline gear. Tekken 6 will be released this fall for Xbox 360, Playstation 3 and the PSP system.

You can also check out this article for more details.


8 Responses to “Tekken 6 X TapouT: Fashionable Fighters!”

  1. please could you post another musing, I’m dying of boredom out here

  2. ign is so shit, you know the thickos there have slated tekken 6 europe for Spring 2010

  3. Reading through that stupid ‘2009 Fighting Games’ Roundtable ‘article’ made me puke. Those IGN morons wouldn’t know a good fighting game if it kicked their teeth in. Tekken 6 is going to murder the competition come October. It’s simply THE BEST FIGHTER coming. Anyone who can’t see that is either stupid or being paid a bundle by Capcom to keep hyping up that crapper called SFIV. BAH.

  4. you took the words right out of my mouth, I mean just look at the stats sfiv had arcade mode time attack , survival and standard versus….. tekken 6 however has all of those things plus story team battle scenario campaign item moves customization bonus games and online coop and versus. Ign have obviously been bribed

  5. er back to the tshirts? they look great, not only as customs, but also as Tekken-related apparel
    two of them already seem to be available as well on their website

    but one qn I do have is, why dont they extend the deal for arcades as well? I think that would give raise more brand awareness, esp in Asia

    • The TapouT deal seems a better fit (pun) for consoles, since people will actually own the game and see it in their homes. Plus the console versions are the focus right now (as they should be) so anything related to the arcade will come after all the console business is done.

  6. I have to say though that remarks and comments on some sites seem to have a lot of haters for the TapouT-Tekken deal. Lots of pretty jaded people out there. Personally, I just love the idea of more customizations. Alternate stuff to Asuka’s “Swallow” tank tops are always good. ^_^

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