Tekken 6 Manga Update!

The First Chapter of Tekken 6: Dark Stars Rising is done! The short story, entitled Assassin and starring Jin Kazama and Nina Williams (with Lars Alexandersson) is complete at 28 pages. With just one day left to the week, expect an omake funny page or pinup artwork to be posted tomorrow, so I can start the next Chapter fresh next week. If you haven’t yet checked out my daily Fan Manga, just click the pic above.


3 Responses to “Tekken 6 Manga Update!”

  1. Keep ’em coming dude!

  2. Well who is not already write for tekken not lose its essence in its history! and as their characters, making history since its inception in 3D movie to ever be translated into all the fans and not fans, not to exceed tekken.

    Send this to those who can realize this dream of a tekken fan please! Please.

    Lima – Peru

  3. hey dude, i’m a big fan of tekken.. and believe it or not, i do like your work… i like the way you made the scenes funny epecially asuka’s scene on top of the tree. i hope you’ll make a lotta chapter and don’t stop working to it… it’s my first time to see a tekken doujin. my little sister is laughing when she read your work. and she had a little request. please include lili in your work! 🙂 that’s all i can say.

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