Tekken 6 Matchups Part 5: Steve vs Asuka

We’re on Week 5 of Namco-Bandai and Gametrailers’ Online Tekken Tournament! So far I’ve pretty much called it perfectly, scoring 5 for 5 so far in the Match Results. This week, it’s British Boxer Steve Fox versus Japanese Kazama-style Martial Arts Master, Asuka Kazama.

Steve Fox is the Middleweight Boxing Champ from England.

The lovely Asuka is a Master of Kazama-ryu Martial Arts from Japan.

So where does my vote go? To ASUKA, of course! Why? Well, aside from Asuka being my Main Fighter in Tekken 6, her trailer is simply cooler. It shows off her new Tekken 6 combos, some new moves (like her BR WS 1, 4) and best of all she’s got something Steve doesn’t… JIGGLE! WAHAHA! Yep, Asuka gets my vote this week. GO, ASOO-KA!

So if you’re in the US or Canada, vote for your fave (ASUKA! ASUKA!) by viewing and sharing the trailer you like to unlock exclusive content.

Check out hi-res versions of the Character Trailers here.


2 Responses to “Tekken 6 Matchups Part 5: Steve vs Asuka”

  1. Asuka of course! My fav chick out of the Tekken cast. Jiggle all the way baby!! The commentator said her name wrong…

    • Yeah, I know. Well, what do you expect- this is the guy who says ‘Devil JEAN!’ WAHAHA! Anyway, Asuka’s trailer really is the better one this week, so I expect her to win. And man, that jiggle just can’t hurt. ^_^

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