Lotsa Streetfighter III Love Coming!

Adorable ninja Ibuki is set for her comic book debut this August.

Fans of Streetfighter III may have gotten shafted by Capcom in Streetfighter IV, but there may be hope yet. For starters, several of the New Generation crew will be spotlighted in mini-stories in upcoming issues of Streetfighter II Turbo from Udon Comics. First up will be ninja girl Ibuki, who is rightly credited as being ‘arguably the most popular fighter in SF3’- she’ll be getting a 4-page story (TOO SHORT!!!) in SF2 Turbo #8, due out early August. The enigmatic hermit Oro gets his time in the limelight in SF2 Turbo #9, while issue 10 gives us a slight glimpse into the mysterious Q.

And that’s not all! Once the current Streetfighter II Turbo Maxi-series concludes, we can expect a full-blown Streetfighter III series from Udon in 2010! WOOHOO! Well, that’s something to look forward to next year. And then, who’s to say what happens next? Perhaps we’ll see Ibuki, Alex and company kicking butt in the next SF game? Keep your fingers crossed, Streetfighter III fans… we just may get our long overdue love yet. Something for the future, then. Awesome!


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