The Girls of Tekken: Lili Rochefort

Lili loves long walks on the beach, pleasing her father and feeling opponents’ faces smash under her heels. What a girl!

You have to hand it to Namco-Bandai. Harada-san and company obviously can’t be touring around the world to hype up their game, so it’s up to everyone else to keep the marketing blitz running and giving us fans and other gamers squarely entertained with Tekken 6 stuff. Aside from the cool weekly Matchup Trailers (I’m really looking forward to next week), the official Tekken 6 site is brimming with stuff (although most of it just for US and Canada fans… bleh). One of the cool features is the Girls of Tekken. Well, it’s really just a Flickr page and the art is stuff we’ve seen before, although given some new backgrounds. But hey, it’s something!

Anyway, the first girl to be shown off is Lili Rochefort. The youngest girl in the roster, the radiantly beautiful Lili is a prim and proper lady who dazzles everyone who sees her… and lays waste to any opponents in reach of her talented legs. The lovely streetfighter is shown against her home island of Monaco, a great place for raising supermodel-esque fighting genuises, apparently.

Anyway, check out the Girls of Tekken and download the Lili poster, which is available in various sizes for all needs (except maybe for life-size blow-ups).


4 Responses to “The Girls of Tekken: Lili Rochefort”

  1. i love because i want to be like her

  2. i wish i would be lili in tekken………

  3. Goldamire17 Says:

    Lili I-L-Y!!!!! ❤

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