Images of New Lara Croft, Story and Game Details

The New Lara: More realistic, younger, trimmer but still pretty bad-ass.

Game site 4P Co-op broke out with a scoop on the upcoming Tomb Raider reboot, with a few images and info on the next Lara Croft adventure. Since the apparent underperformance of Tomb Raider Underworld, a lot of changes underwent the developers (including laying off most of the team that did TRU) and Eidos came to a decision to give their heroine a makeover like Batman got in Batman Begins and The Dark Knight. Well, here are the first bits of info then. As you can see from the pic above, Lara’s cut down a bit, now looking more athletic and trim rather than the idealized sex symbol she had become as of late. The story of the new game will star a younger Lara who finds herself stuck on a mysterious island inhabited by some less-than-friendly natives. The new Raider looks to be a lot creepier, more visceral and have elements of both open world gaming and survival horror.

Now, I’m kinda pissed that we won’t be seeing anymore of the Lara we’ve seen since Tomb Raider Legend- I liked that Lara and that world- but what can we do? I do like what seems to be a more ‘realistic’ Lara in the concept image- perhaps it’s finally goodbye to the classic look we’ve so been used to when we hear Lara Croft?

This reboot seems interesting, but I’m sure that this big change won’t come easily. For now though, read the article here and mull over our new Croft to come.


2 Responses to “Images of New Lara Croft, Story and Game Details”

  1. it’s for the best, i always thought the tomb raider series were mediocre, fun but nothing to be exited about, this new tomb raider sounds like a fresh start (needed)

    • Yeah, I guess. I’m still gonna miss the current series though- but then, it at least lasted a trilogy so maybe it is indeed time to refresh. Oh well…

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