Retro Gaming Cheeziness: Battle Arena Toshinden 2

When Intros Attack!

I came across this video lately and it just brought back so many memories. It’s the CG intro to Battle Arena Toshinden 2, one of the early 3D fighters on the original Playstation back in the mid-90s. I remember getting this fighter alongside the original Tekken for PSX, and, well… while the gameplay was floaty, imprecise and awkwards, it at least gave us this pretty funny intro.

I mean, how can you beat live-action versions of your fighters to spice up and pad the game? It really looks pretty ridiculous now, but back in the day I’m sure that a lot of us went OOOOOH and AAAAAH at the flesh-and-blood Sofia and Ellis… or not. Actually, this intro was pretty cheesy even back then, heheh… Anyway, BAT2 wasn’t horrible, relatively, and it did give me some entertainment then. Nice to see this bit of videogame history now, I guess. Moving on, then…


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