More Tekken 6 Console Screens, Lars’ Naruto Outfit

“Do. Not. Say. Anything.”

Gamespot has just posted about 20 new screenshots of the console version of Tekken 6. The new screens include more looks at the Scenario Campaign and some views of Jin’s CLAMP-designed duds, and of course, Lars’ new, console-exclusive outfit designed by ‘Naruto’ manga-ka, Masashi Kishimoto.

And, well… seeing it in good quality pics now, I can say that it’s… um… freakin’ ridiculous-looking. I guess Kishimoto didn’t find Lars’ hair crazy-looking enough. Wahaha! Anyway, seeing the other screens, in particular Asuka and Lili teamed up in Scenario Campaign with Miss Rochefort hefting a minigun more than makes up for seeing Lars’ awful outfit.

Check the screens out here.


6 Responses to “More Tekken 6 Console Screens, Lars’ Naruto Outfit”

  1. do you have any lists of what the characters item moves are for T6:BR

  2. Dude, for that stuff. Check TekkenZaibatsu.

  3. Banana head.

  4. SolRahlX Says:

    If I could change his hair I’d use that costume, but that hair just kills it for me. He should have just left it alone.

  5. i feel SO sorry for Lars *gives hug*

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