Musing about Tekken 6 PSP

The PSP Tekken 6 is looking rougher, but not necessarily tougher, than the biggie home versions…

Some screens of the PSP version of Tekken 6 came out recently, and they look… well… they don’t look as good as the PS3 and Xbox360 screens. But of course, that’s a given. The screens so far seem to at least adequately approximate the look of T6, but of course the character models have more jagged edges, lack the fine details and lifelike textures, colors and lighting are a bit more ‘videogamey’ and closer to the previous Tekken Dark Resurrection and earlier Tekken games.

I’m actually thinking that while Namco-Bandai’s Project Tekken will do all they can, this will probably end up like a souped-up, chock-to-the-rafters, updated with Tekken 6 moves and B! system version of DR, with gobs better customization. But if the PSP game can maintain the rock-solid 60fps frame rate, I’ll be amazed. Anyway, if it plays and feels like the big screen versions, it will certainly be the best fighting game you can pack into a portable, ever.

Also, will this monster fit on a UMD? Or will it be distributed as a download title? Methinks that it would be a pretty awesome package to have the upcoming PSP GO come with Tekken 6 already installed out of the box.

Anyway… according to the site QJ.Net, the PSP version is due out shortly after the PS3 and Xbox360 versions, on November 3. Not that long to wait, I guess, if this is accurate. More on this as we get it.


One Response to “Musing about Tekken 6 PSP”

  1. at last a musing that i can get my teeth into

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