Tekken 6 Console: Lars’ New ‘Naruto’ Outfit!

A pic of Lars Alexandersson’s new console exclusive outfit has surfaced online at SD Tekken. The costume was designed by Naruto artist Masashi Kishimoto… BELIEVE IT! Check out the pic here.

What can I say? It kinda looks like something from the Sengoku Era, which is to be expected from the Naruto manga-ka… Larsmaru? Not too sure about that crescent on his head… as if his hair wasn’t already wacky enough. Heheh…


5 Responses to “Tekken 6 Console: Lars’ New ‘Naruto’ Outfit!”

  1. SolRahlX Says:

    The costume looks fine except for the moon on his head.

  2. hey guys, heres an idea, why don’t they bring back the arcade history mode

  3. yeah about Lars’ hair. don’t like it too much, why don’t they bring back all Dragon Ball outfits ^^

  4. nice blog, I’m Happy I stumbled your site. I’ll remember your site so I can check it again later.

  5. hes also appering in naruto shippuden ultimate ninja storm two with lightning moves gunna need em just sakura has enuf strengh to knock him about like a rag doll and narutos rasen surikan and sasukes kirin will be over kill o and pain stil desevres all hes gunna geet in a naruto game for sucking but ill give him a chance mabe he will suprize me

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