Tekken 6 Character Trailers, Online “Tekken Tournament” Begins

Judo Master Paul Phoenix brings the pain from the USA…

… while his old rival Kazuya deals out Karate-based chaos from Japan.

Continuing to build the hype for the upcoming Tekken 6 for consoles, Namco-Bandai has just released two character-specific trailers for the game, apparently in conjunction with the match-ups featured on the game’s official website and gaming site Gametrailers. This is apparently a sort of interactive affair as gamers are encouraged to vote on the trailer of their choice, deciding on the winner of the match-up. The ‘tournament’ will release one match-up (and two character vids) for the next 9 weeks. Exclusive ‘content’ and ‘achievements’ will be unlocked by participation.

For now, the two combatants in focus are Paul Phoenix and longtime rival, Kazuya Mishima. These two have had a LONG history, facing off in the first tournament about twenty years prior to Tekken 6. Since then, Kazuya has been to hell and back, and now stands on one side of a cataclysmic war. Meanwhile, ol’ Paul is in the fight for his life… against debt. Ouch.

Now, this Match-Up series is definitely a good thing to pass the time as we still have quite a long wait to go before we’re all Iron Fist-Fighting on our consoles of choice- I only wish they went all the way and had trailers for every fighter, and not just 18. Anyway, for hi-res versions of these vids and to participate in this online brawl, check out Gametrailers.

Anyway, PAUL gets my vote for this match-up! GO PAUL!!!


2 Responses to “Tekken 6 Character Trailers, Online “Tekken Tournament” Begins”

  1. do you think this is going to appear on Xbl of PSn

  2. 18 freakin weeks
    a few weeks ago i thought it was only 12

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