Tekken 6 Official US Release Date, Limited Edition Bundles Revealed

The ‘Big News’ involving the console versions of Tekken 6 being hinted at by Namco-Bandai’s official Tekken 6 Twitter, Tekkenbob, and Tekken fansite SD Tekken have been revealed to be…

AN OFFICIAL RELEASE DATE! October 27, 2009!!! Wow… what a surprise. Oh well. At least it’s official. This is the US release date- Europe, Japan and Asia releases will follow shortly after.


The Tekken 6 Limited Edition Bundle. The set includes a Hori Wireless Fight Stick, a collectible Art Book and of course, a copy of the game. The bundle will set you back $149.99.

And that’s not all! NO!

Want Penny Arcade’s CTS to grace your game? Preorder your Tekken 6 from Gamestop.

As for the The Cardboard Tube Samurai costume… well, it’s a special DLC outfit for Yoshimitsu that’s part of a special Samurai Pack which also includes special ‘nobori’ or Japanese war banners as items usable for all characters in the game. You get the Samurai Pack along with a Tekken 6 Calendar when you preorder the game from Gamestop.

All in all… considering the hype built up… pretty underwhelming, and actually USELESS for me and Manila Tekkenites, since this offer is pretty much just for the US. Perhaps Play-Asia will eventually stock the bundle, but I’m not really interested… already have a Hori Stick in my Gaming Sanctum. As for the release date, it’s for the US, but well- I don’t really have to wait for an Asian release since PS3 is region-free… I can just pick up the US game once it drops.

Back to waiting for the game then. October 27, eh? Well. I guess I know what I’ll be doing during Halloween and the holiday break. Heheh…


12 Responses to “Tekken 6 Official US Release Date, Limited Edition Bundles Revealed”

  1. oh, iwanted it to be in september

  2. I just found out, its 125 days until it comes out DAMN IT

  3. WTF ! october 27 ! Why not December then, what the hell is taking them so long to release a game that was supposed to come out like more than a year ago ! seriously you call that a big news, it’s bullshit …i bet they’re gonna change the date and say “oh we had to make a few adjustments to the game so it’s actually coming out in 2010 !” grrrrrrrrrrrrrr

    • you’re right Erwan.i thought it’s going to come out on 31th of august.daym!now, october 27!why it’s always like this?btw,i can’t wait 4 GT5 HD man:D

  4. Shutup, Namco is known for adding HEAPS of console exclusives, sure the wait is long. But it’s damn well worth it. Would you rather have it in December than October??? Geez…

  5. The October date has been out for a while, and now that it’s official, they should keep to it. In any case, all we can do is tighten our belts and just bite into the waiting… nothing else for it. At the very least though, the game’s gonna be worth all this excruciating waiting… we can at least count on that. Four months of waiting for years and years of fighting fun, people.

  6. no one cares Xerox we are seriously pissed

  7. yes we are ! it’s not like it’s Final Fantasy they’re doing, in that case, ok, pretty long game to develop , but a fighting game seriously ! I mean i LOVE Tekken but Tekken 6 doesn’t look so different from the previous series (graphically and in terms of content ) so it shouldn’t take that long ! then again the game does look awesome even if it’s not revolutionary.

    • Tell me you haven’t really seen the game in the arcades yet. There’s no way anyone who has actually seen Tekken 6 on a good HD monitor can say that it doesn’t look so different from the previous installments. Either that or you need to take a look at the PS2 game, or even the PS3 version of DR again to re-orient your perceptions.

      In any case, Tekken 6 will be worth the damn wait, and we will all LOVE IT this October. So everyone… CHILL.

  8. i think everything looks way better on a good HD monitor, i haven’t played the game yet (unfortunately) but it’s not like there’s a huge difference. I noticed the character animation has really evolved since Tekken 5, but like, i think Virtua Fighter 5 looks more impressive visually and more realistic, but that’s my point of view…

    • It’s not like the game needs an HD monitor to look great, it’s just that the way you’ve seen it is in crappy low res vids online, and that is just not fair to the game. Hold your judgements and opinions till you see it in the way it’s meant to be seen.

      As for VF5R it’s my 2nd favorite fighter; it’s great indeed but Tekken 6 looks better in being more ‘solid’ and lifelike in look and feel of the graphics. That’s my point of view…

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