Big Tekken 6 Console News Coming…

… tomorrow, June 22. Well, it’s actually June 22 NOW here in my parts, but it’s still about 12 hours to go in the US, where the news will be broken from SD Tekken. What can it be? We’ve seen hints of it from the Cardboard Tube Samurai costume revealed yesterday, but that seems to be just a piece of a bigger picture. What that picture is… well, we’ll find out soon enough. Rest assured, Tekken fans all over the world are waiting with great anticipation. For now though, all we can do is wait. Damn it. Heheh…


11 Responses to “Big Tekken 6 Console News Coming…”

  1. so where are you actually from, I’m from england

  2. I wish that they could bring back the characters that you had to unlock, it added a whole new substance to the game

  3. so is this the huge announcement that you mused about in the past

  4. We still don’t know yet, damn you America for being so late behind me(Australia), still 3hrs to go…*sigh*…Guess I’ll stay up for this.

  5. alphacananogram Says:

    according to SDTEKKEN in Devastation tournament uStream chatroom day or 2 ago, it will happen 10:30AM Pacific timezone (US) (I think AM)

  6. good thing it’ll only be 4 pm where I live

  7. I hope it isn’t anything we know yet.

  8. I agree- if it turns out that the secret is simply just having the damn Penny Arcade character in the game, I’m gonna scream. Hopefully it’s a lot more than that or the building of all the hype to this is a big Epic Fail…

  9. so….still nothing or it was just a bunch of pictures ?

  10. It’s been revealed. Tekken 6 Limited Edition bundle. Tekken 6 DLC pack by preordering from Gamestop. Release date. Check the latest post.

    • How Ironic, it IS something we already know. Didn’t we know this a while ago. I bet SD Tekken is laughing at all of us for building up our hopes, and crashing them all down…

      And the supposed “new character” is actually just the Yoshimitsu costume, thanks a lot Bob, get glasses so you can recognize people.

      Ugh… I’m angry at Namco for not knowing what fans already know.

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