New Opponent..?

An intriguing post from Namco-Bandai’s official Tekken 6 Twitter, Tekkenbob

“Interesting. Looks like I will have a new opponent to face. Surprise! He doesn’t seem tough but he has a unique style. Hmmmm…”

Could this be a possibility of an extra character in the console versions of Tekken 6? We can only speculate for now, but think of the possibilities! If it IS another fighter, it will most probably be a familiar face, rather than someone totally new or original. It will also probably be male, so fans wanting the return of some of Tekken’s vintage ladies may be disappointed. Someone who also seems weak, judging from T-Bob’s comment. A male character with a frail or unimpressive physique, with a very unusual fighting style… Hmmm…

This coming June 22 (which may reveal all this new hullaballoo) can’t come soon enough!


9 Responses to “New Opponent..?”

  1. Hmm bat most of the new characters puro babae?

  2. Saw this as well. Guess it’ll be announced on the 22nd like the news about the Collector’s Edition Bundle. Cannot wait!

  3. where did you get this from

  4. momo51180 Says:

    It might be Dr. B

  5. when is haradas new blog coming out

  6. AlphaCananogram Says:

    Why wasnt’ this put in article? is it yoshimitsu or a New Character

    From a later tekkenbob tweet

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