Tekken 6 Console Fashion Review: Jin Kazama, CLAMP-Style!

Jin Kazama augments his emo-ness with shoujo-power.

Thanks to ZeroX for sending us this nice, clear scan of Jin Kazama’s special CLAMP-designed costume exclusive to the console versions of Tekken 6.

This regal number features a flowing cape and matching front tassel emblazoned with Jin’s insignia, the red and black highlights a lovely contrast to the immaculate white of the overall outfit. Gloves, an intricate Shoulderplate and Kneel-before-me Boots complete the elaborate number for a pretty imposing Shoujo-powered World Dictator-to-be like CEO Kazama.
Certainly not the most practical costume to wear when engaging in sweaty, in-your-face fisticuffs… but then, if the Tekken Force do their job competently, all Jin has to do in this outfit is extend his leg for his defeated foes to grovel beneath.
This number is definitely more suited for the unholy ceremonies and diabolical rites that should be routine once the Zaibatsu wipes away all in its path.

Judging from the screenshots of in-game action included, this isn’t something just recently concocted- it’s been part of the plan for some time. Yet more of the awesome new stuff we can expect from Namco-Bandai’s latest and greatest home conversion. Man, I can’t wait to see what other threads will be revealed in the near future. More on this as we get it!


3 Responses to “Tekken 6 Console Fashion Review: Jin Kazama, CLAMP-Style!”

  1. Anytime dude! Looks like a really cool custom. More Namco!

  2. Whoa! Uber cool. I hope they make one for Nina. Not the usual assassin type

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