Musing about Tekken 6 Console: Rivalries and Settling Scores

Bubbly smiles and cute poses hide a seething desire to kick each others’ butt.

For me, at least, one of the coolest things about the Tekken series is the ongoing story. It’s not so a single thread as it is a chaotic quilt of plots and characters who constantly get into each others’ ways or interact in some weird combinations. They all make for a roster full of heartbreak, hatred, anger, jealousy, clashing ideals, dogs and cats, living together… mass hysteria! Anyway, here are Tekken 6’s Ten most interesting rivalries that should come to a head in the game’s Story Mode…

Jin Kazama VS Kazuya Mishima. This is perhaps the biggest rivalry being promoted in the game story- it’s a father-son squabble being fought on a global scale, with all the resources and military might of two megacorporations being brought to bear. But for all the manpower and hardware, it all boils down to two guys settling the score with their fists. Jin has beaten Kazuya handily before, but times have changed- Jin may have become complacent, and Kazuya seems to have gotten far stronger than ever. But as much as we would like to find out who wins this epic tussle, perhaps this battle should never take place, given how their clash would signal the release of Azazel’s terror into the world. Given a choice- I’d go with Kazuya winning in the end. Incumbents never seem to win in Tekken…

Nina Williams VS Anna Williams. The never-ending catfight continues! According to the scoreboard, Nina bagged the last win, leaving Anna on the ground after Tekken 5. Of course she didn’t finish the job (where would the fun be in that?) and just promptly disappeared. Now, both ladies are on opposing sides of the board- with Nina working as Jin Kazama’s bodyguard in the Mishima Zaibatsu and Anna aligned with G-Corporation. I expect their rivarly to overrule any other interest in the struggle. Who would win? I actually expect Anna to get the upper hand this time, as a change from before. Revenge should be sweet…

Eddy Gordo VS Christie Monteiro. Not really a rivalry- these two star-crossed lovers are separated by circumstance. Eddy’s locked into his duty and promise to Jin Kazama as a member of the Tekken Force, something he did to save his master’s life. Certainly making a deal with the devil isn’t something any upstanding heroine can approve of, no matter what the purpose. Eddy’s code will drive him to fight it out, and Christie will surely have to fight hard to bring the lug to his senses. Christie gets my vote to win in this one.

Asuka Kazama VS Lili Rochefort. Perhaps my favorite rivalry (seeing as how both girls are my mains), and probably the least serious (and similar to the rivalry between Sakura Kasugano and Karin Kanzaki in Streetfighter). Asuka bested Lili in the last tournament, and of course since then the proud Lady Rochefort has been aching for payback. I’m not sure if Asuka is even aware of how Lili’s boiling to get back at her, but I’m sure she’s game. It will be interesting to see their reactions to one another, seeiing as how we never saw this in Tekken Dark Resurrection. Who will win? Both are cool, skilled fighters, driven by duty and their love for their fathers. Asuka gets my vote to win in this match-up, but when all is said and done they may actually find common ground, and perhaps a friendship of sorts? Let the lesbian shipping commence…

Julia Chang VS Ganryu. Not really a rivalry, but it will be interesting to see, if any, reactions each will have with the other. Julia surely should still have gratitude for Ganryu since their last meeting, while the Sumo should be feeling a bit of heartbreak at seeing his lost love. Julia will probably win out, with her mission of saving the world driving her fists- something far stronger than promoting a restaurant.

Craig Marduk VS Armor King. We’ve already seen a glimpse of this rivalry’s climax in the trailers- it all comes to a head in a graveyard as Craig faces off with the man he supposedly killed. Is it Armor King reborn, or a vengeful new warrior? I am thinking if he’s anything like his predecessor or old self, Armor King will win, but stay his hand (perhaps with King’s intercession). Will friendship or a tenuous status quo follow? We’ll just have to see.

Hwoarang VS Devil Jin. This is a bit of a two-in-one. Hwoarang and Jin once shared a friendly rivalry, but that seems to have totally changed after Tekken 5. Good-natured sparring has degenerated into malicious hate and jealousy after Hwoarang was ambushed by Devil Jin. After hard training, Hwoarang thinks he’s got the kicks strong enough to take down the supernatural power hidden within Jin Kazama. I think he’s gonna kick some devil ass.

Jin Kazama VS Miguel. A pretty new rivalry, and only one (Miguel) is probably aware of this, as Jin could probably care less about any collateral damage his orders caused. Miguel’s wanting blood for blood, and it will be interesting to see what happens. I really can’t see anything but Miguel winning but sparing Jin a la Jun’s spirit (his conscience) staying his hand at the last minute.

Yoshimitsu VS Bryan Fury. Since Tekken 5, Yoshimitsu still hasn’t exacted the righteous revenge for the deaths of his comrades. Though the Manji leader may be preoccupied with controlling his berserk weapons, the chance to get back at the cyborg is just too pressing a matter. Will they finally meet and have a climactic battle, or will someone else (like Paul in the trailer) beat him to it? If they do meet, I am hoping Yoshimitsu wins, although I am doubtful if he can actually finish the job… Bryan has a knack for surviving…

Lei Wulong VS Feng Wei. Even if he’s being sidetracked with taking down the Zaibatsu, Lei is surely still on the lookout for the Kung Fu Criminal. If their paths cross, there’s a big brawl to be had. Feng’s been at large for quite some time, so perhaps it’s time he got taken down a notch.

There are surely more rivalries to be seen in the twisting Tekken Soap Opera, but we’ll have to wait a bit longer to see them all unfold. Hopefully the Tekken Team will keep consistent with their stories and characters, and go the extra mile to fleshing out and presenting all these plots for our enjoyment.

Tekken 6 is slated for PS3, Xbox360 and PSP this Fall 2009.


2 Responses to “Musing about Tekken 6 Console: Rivalries and Settling Scores”

  1. I am looking forward to the game. Still, I have always wondered why they wear such stylish clothes when fighting.

  2. chareselperjes Says:

    my favorite

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