Mangaka-designed Costumes for Tekken 6 Console!

Tekken X CLAMP… Hmmm…

More Tekken 6 console goodness! World-famous manga group CLAMP has just announced on their website that they’re designing exclusive costumes for the console versions of Tekken 6. Similar to how mangaka Oh! Great was used in Tekken 5, the all-female creators of titles such as Magic Knight Rayearth and Cardcaptor Sakura will be lending their artistic talents to the Tekken crew.

So far revealed in the pages of the latest Famitsu is Jin Kazama’s outfit, an ornate and regal (if sinister) white suit complete with elaborate boots, shoulder piece and cape with Jin’s trademark symbol. You can check it out here.

We can probably also expect some other manga artists to contribute- supposedly Lars Alexandersson will also be getting an outfit designed by the creator of Naruto… Armor with open-toed ninja sandals? Believe it!

This is a pretty cool development… hopefully more fighters in the roster will be receiving these unique threads. More as we get it!

8 Responses to “Mangaka-designed Costumes for Tekken 6 Console!”

  1. Yeeerrrh! Code Geass customs! Hahaha.

  2. Thought so! That Jin custom has Code-Geass written all over it!

  3. can you do a musing on console endings please

  4. SolRahlX Says:

    Man I hope that comment about Lars is true.

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