Musing about Virtua Fighter 5R

Pai, Vanessa, Eileen, Sarah and Aoi are ready to brighten your desktop.

Looking for some nice game wallpapers? Well, head on down to Sega’s Virtua Fighter 5R Official Website. Several new wallpapers were posted, including the one above featuring the lovely, kick-ass girls of VF5R. There’s one featuring the guys for those into beefcake, a bright red one with the VF5R logo and one featuring the two newcomers, Jean Kujo and Taka-arashi. Nice, hi-res art for your widescreen displays.

Now, VF5R is still just arcade-only, and in Japan, at that. Sega still hasn’t said anything about any plans to release this fighter on any home console, to much the continued disappointment of the dedicated fans over at There’s a lot of fight fans wanting the arcade upgrade to make the leap to the home, thanks to the two new fighters and tons of new moves, customizations, stages and tweaks that have been added since Plain Jane VF5.

Now, I’m honestly as much a VF fan as I am a Tekken fan… and I have to say that VF5R is the only other fighter I am pining for aside from Namco-Bandai’s finest. The action is awesome, the throws and animations second to none, and the customizations- man, no game, not even Tekken 6, has so much crazy stuff (granted, it’s had a long head start over T6).

I am thinking that a home version is inevitable- the arcade version is currently at Version B; give it some more time- perhaps a Version C (for Console?) will make it’s appearance. Let’s not lose hope people… VF5R is an awesome game, and it must make the leap home. It’s just taking a bit of time, is all.

Tekken 6 is coming in a few months. Once it’s here, we’ll all be happy but what about the future? Certainly afterwards we’ll eventually be looking for another title to await, and VF5R fits the bill for a high-profile, high quality beat ’em up to look forward to. Just keep hoping, keep dropping Sega wishes for the game at their emails or Facebook page, and keep your fingers crossed.


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