Tekken 6 Console: Musing about Collector’s Editions and Special Bundles

UPDATE: According to Namco-Bandai’s Twitter (Tekkenbob)There will be an announcement involving Tekken 6, most probably involving pre-order items or a special bundle for the game, on June 22. Something to look forward to for hardcore players, supposedly. We’ll see what happens then…

If you’re as fanatical and obsessed like me about the upcoming Tekken 6, you’d probably have heard or read about the supposed Tekken 6 arcade stick bundle rumored over at SD-Tekken.

It does get you thinking- a high profile game like T6 is indeed open to coming in awesome special collector’ editions or offers that go above and beyond just giving you the game. Soulcalibur IV had such a bundle, so why not the arguably much more popular, much bigger Tekken 6? So let’s get to thinking- what would your Tekken 6 Collector’s Edition Set consist of?

First off.. THE GAME. Really, this is IT. Right now I’d probably give a kidney (maybe) to get this game already. Or at least, someone else’s kidney. Anyway, the Collector’s Edition copy of the game must have awesome cover art; maybe with Evil Jin sitting on his Zaibatsu Throne smirking at you, daring you to come try to kick his ass. All around him would be watermark images of the character portraits, all the fighters whose fates are intertwined in the latest King of Iron Fist Tourmament. Or maybe we can have a new artwork of Jin and Kazuya clashing, flames erupting from the contact of their fists, with the ominous figure of Azazel forming in the fire. That would be awesome.

An Action Figure or Figurine would be nice. Most probably we’d get Jin or Kazuya or Heihachi. But what I’d really want would be a cool Samurai Asuka, in her ‘Counter’ Stance. Or Imp Suited Lili, surrounded by her lethal Penguin Army. Zafina in her crawling stance would also pretty much rock.

A Graphic Novel or Comic Book would be nice, drawn by a decent artist and telling the story of the events leading up to the latest Tekken Tournament- introductions of the new characters would be cool, with a particular focus on Zafina- showing off her single-handed decimation of a Tekken Force detachment to her decision to leave to find and defeat the Two Evil Stars that are Jin and Kazuya.
Alternatively, a cool Art Book with all the character CG artworks (from Tekken 6 to BR) and new scenes, sketches of character designs and other material would be awesome. A still gallery of the game’s awesome CG cinematics would be so, so choice.

Tekken 6 OST. So we can rock to yodelling as much as we want.

DLC Card. Yeah, Tekken 6 will already get everything from the arcade and even more stuff exclusive to the console versions… but the promise of future updates and more stuff is always good. Look at VF5R… perhaps someday Tekken 6 will get King’s Tut masks too for all the fighters to celebrate Pharaoh’s Day.

Tekken 6 Invitation Card. A nice piece of swag would be a replica of one of those King of Iron Fist Tournament Invites that fighters get to gain access to the matches, sorta like the one Lili got off Forrest Law’s cold, dead corpse…heheh.

Azazel Plushie Toy? Or how about a Nancy MI847J Lego Set? Make these big, bad bosses more approachable and cuddly!

Giant-size Poster. This would have all the fighters, grouped together like the most dysfunctional class ever. But if I had control I’d want a full body, life-size standee of fave fighters instead to stand guard at the door to keep intruders from bothering me during my game time.

Well, I’ve got a lot more ideas like a replica of Jin’s Throne or a full-body Tekken Force uniform or a mini-gun or a Giant Paper Fan. But perhaps it’s time to just STOP. Heheh.

Tekken 6 is set for PS3, Xbox360 and PSP this Fall 2009.


6 Responses to “Tekken 6 Console: Musing about Collector’s Editions and Special Bundles”

  1. Hehe nice dude!

  2. maybe in the new scenario mode, they will have different variations, like a survival, where you are pit against loads of enemies to see how many points you can score or time attack hopefully these will be included. Or mayb the scenario is just the story of the tekken revolution and there will be varient modes. cool huh

  3. Id be glad to get any one of the above 🙂
    The Tekken movie is supposed to release the same time as the game right?? Maybe they’ll include a DVD with that or even the original Tekken anime.

    Aside from that, Ive been meaning to buy Tekken action figures, but I completely missed out the T3 toys (which weren’t so great either) and those 12 inchers from Tag and T4 looked horrible.
    BUT… Triad Toys is going to be making 12-inch T6 toys and you should try to get those if you’re interested. Theres not much news about it but the company does good work; Im just waiting for them to release their first figure.

  4. Update: Apparently there will be an announcement about Tekken 6’s Pre-order bonuses/items or something similar on June 22. Got this from Namco’s Twitter, Tekkenbob. Collector’s edition? Controller bundle? We’ll see in about a week or so.

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