Soulcalibur Broken Destiny: Gauntlet Mode, Character Creation

Famitsu of Japan just posted an article on Soulcalibur: Broken Destiny for the PSP. The post talks quite a bit about the new stuff- mainly a new game mode called Gauntlet Mode. This is apparently the new exclusive mode designed to teach new players the game basics, along the way telling a storyline of sorts as they take on Sudden Death trials and other challenges.

The dastardly-looking Dampierre awaits the player, Cassandra and Hilde in the Gauntlet Mode storyline.

Gamers who monitored Soulcalibur IV’s development should remember the amusing little manga starring Cassandra and Hilde; apparently the Gauntlet mode will incorporate elements of that in the narrative, starring a perky Cass (and no doubt a long-suffering Hilde) encountering various foes and encounters- supposedly new character Dampierre and his gang of miscreants will be appearing in this mode as well, though whether as enemies or allies remains to be seen.

Character Creation on the PSP…. coolness.

Also taken up is the somewhat improved Character Creation mode. Aside from having new pieces and parts to customize and create the swordsman or bladebabe of your dreams, apparently you’ll also get to mess around with the regular roster’s P1 outfits, which was not possible in the big console versions. Perhaps the graphics won’t be as flashy or as hi-res as SCIV, but having such a feature on a handheld is nothing short of awesome.

Not even the small size of the PSP screen can hide bad fashion sense.

Even though I’ve been playing Soulcalibur IV for about a year now or so, I’m pretty hyped for PSP Calibur for the new stuff. It’s certainly something to have and enjoy as we all wait for the Big Fist game. For now, check out the whole article and some more screenshots here. Soulcalibur: Broken Destiny is due out Summer 2009.

UPDATE: Watch-Impress just posted another Soulcalibur: Broken Destiny post, also with info on the Gauntlet Mode, bios of many of the available characters and a long writeup on Dampierre (unfortunately in Japanese). Also some more screens of Character Creation. Check it out here.


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