Tekken 6 Console: Scenario Campaign 101

Army of Two: Scenario Mode throws you and a buddy (whether human or CPU) into enemy-infested zones.

It’s the week after E3 2009, and probably all the game sites are still recovering after that 4 days of gaming debauchery. Things have wound back down to the normal hum-drum as we await the next round of developments in Tekken 6‘s development, whether it’ll be another trailer, the revelation of the PSP version’s exclusive new mode, or any other bits and pieces we can get leading up to Fall. But for now, let’s review and muse about the new gameplay mode added to Tekken 6- Scenario Campaign Mode.

Scenario Campaign is a revamped, co-op and offline/online-capable version of the classic Tekken Force mode (first seen in Tekken 3, and returned in Tekken 4). It’s basically Final Fight, pitting players against waves of enemies. You choose your main fighter and their companion (either controlled by another player or by the CPU A.I. if you’re alone) and then go off choosing a zone to enter on a large-scale map. Supposedly you are given freedom to choose where to go, making the affair pretty non-linear; however you will probably take on some zones first and unlock others as you finish them.

Once you choose your destination, the view changes to a standard third-person view following your fighters. Enemies soon pop out and attack in groups of two’s or three’s, or even five at a time. Some seem content to stand around and pose, while others will charge at you immediately. I’m pretty sure the enemy A.I. is basic for most of the grunts, but priority should be to clear enemies as quickly as possible and avoid getting yourself mobbed. You’ve got full use of your fighter’s moveset so feel free to use the time to practice your combos.

Enemies in Scenario won’t be as smart as opponents in the regular modes, but they’ll make up for it in sheer numbers.

Enemy Ahoy!
Grunts shown in the demo included gangs of street fighters, armored troopers (both male and female), mercenaries, soldiers and Jack robots. Also making a humorous appearance are Rogers (fighting kangaroos) and even a Chibi-Kuma. The variety of locales and stages will surely make way for a lot of enemy types to encounter. The devs have the tons of customizations and fighting styles in the game to play with to compose interesting enemy fodder, so I hope they run with it.

Once you make your way from Point A to B, you’ll find the Stage Boss- another fighter from the standing roster. The E3 demo’s two stages had Dragunov reigning over a stage called the Container Terminal, while Anna Williams was in charge of the G Corporation-controlled Millennium Tower. Each boss invariably comes at you with a gang of flunkies, so take them out immediately.

To help you out on your missions, enemies will often drop healing items (chickens and eggs) or even items. Weapons like mini-guns or staves can be found in crates or lying around waiting to be used. These armaments have limited ammo, so don’t rely on them too much.

Expect a few surprises to pop up along the way.

Stage Complete
After every stage, your performance is tallied up, along with fight money and customizations you may have found for your character. The clothing options and usable items you find during a stage may be used in every other mode, making Scenario a much easier way to earn all those expensive customizations instead of grinding in Arcade or Ghost Battle.
The special thing about items and customizations in Scenario in particular is that items will often have ‘properties’- once equipped, they’ll give your fighter additional power, damage bonuses and other abilities that should make taking down the opposition even easier. We assume this is only for Scenario Campaign though.

Kicking enemy fighters’ butts outside of the tournament proper makes for an interesting change.

Toys for the Big Boys
For at least one stage you’ll be given control over the massive and extremely powerful NANCY MI847J, the mechanical sub-boss in the Arcade mode. NANCY comes with every obnoxious attack she had in the regular game, save the instant kill floor hole laser. Missiles, energy blasts, area-effect attacks and offensive spins make the stage pretty much a cake walk, despite the large number of enemy troops dropping down at you. Understandably, Harada has stated that NANCY will most probably NOT be playable in other modes.

The Story so far…
Though none where seen in the E3 demo, the final version of Scenario Campaign will have story elements in the form of real-time, in-game cutscenes. The story told in Scenario is likely about the events surrounding the tournament itself and more about the ongoing war between the Mishima Zaibatsu and G Corporation, rather than the fighters’ individual storylines (which will probably be told in the regular Arcade or Story Battle mode). Hopefully these cutscenes will have actual voice-acting and animations rather than just talking heads or text screens.

And that’s Scenario Campaign. Many non-fans will probably be wondering what the fuss is all about- it’s just Final Fight, they’ll say. But really, for me it’s a nice way to mix up the usual fighting formula. It’s very refreshing to see the many fighters in a different context aside from the usual one-on-one arena, and it’ll be cool to see how far the devs go with it. How fun will it be to use the large movesets in the larger arenas? Can you conceivably do tag-team combos or maneuvers? What are the stories that will be revealed as you play?
With tons of replay value as you can combine any two fighters of the 40-strong roster, oodles of stuff to unlock and discover and tons of fan service to enjoy, Scenario is yet another tantalizing reason for fighting gamers and Tekken fans alike to wait impatiently for the latest King of Iron Fist Tournament.

Tekken 6 is set for release on PS3, Xbox360 and PSP this Fall 2009.


6 Responses to “Tekken 6 Console: Scenario Campaign 101”

  1. Wow! Nice. With the In-game cutscenes I’m sure it’ll be SCIV style. But online co-op is brilliant. Way to go Namco! Also if you take a look at SDTEKKEN there’s a possible Collectors Edition of Tekken 6 which comes with an arcade stick. If it’s legit, I’m getting!

    • The bundle sounds cool. I wonder if it’s Markman’s ‘surprise’? Anyway, I already have an arcade stick, so I probably won’t be getting any bundle unless it comes with other awesome extras. Maybe like a hardcover high quality art book or Making Of DVD…

  2. I’ve no arcade stick so this would be good for me. Doubt this is MarkMan’s surprise. Btw, Like the new Header…I can seeee….

  3. can you get me some screenshots of the tekken 6 main menu

    • The E3 demo main menu isn’t final, so there’s no point in dwelling on it. It basically has every option (VS, Ghost Battle, Survival, Time Attack, Team Battle, Gallery, Profile, Options) with the distinct absence of Story Battle mode. Again, it’s just an incomplete E3 demo so it will change.

  4. thanks

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