Tekken 6 E3 Preview at G4TV

Katsuhiro Harada continues his tour of gaming sites for E3 with a jaunt over to the folks at G4’s X-Play. Adam Sessler interviews Harada-san in this 6-minute preview of the upcoming console versions.

The preview showed off in-game fighting action on a big-screen TV (mainly Kazuya kicking ass in the regular fighting mode) as Harada talked about the graphics, the interactive stages and the new Bound system. In contrast to other previews on other sites, they only slightly touched on the new Scenario Campaign mode and didn’t even get to show any of it. Not really that much in it, but of course every Tekken fan will probably want to see it anyways.

Check it out here.


4 Responses to “Tekken 6 E3 Preview at G4TV”

  1. If they mention motion-blur on more time….*grrr*. Seriously dude, those interviewers are such n00bs. Wonder what the ‘Big Surprise’ will be. Any ideas?

    • Unfortunately we have to accept that basically Harada can only reveal what he is allowed to say or show. As fans of this particular game, we basically just follow him from show to show, site to site, doing the same routines over and over. Good thing there are variations in game footage shown. So far the Gamespot segment was the best for me. ^_^

  2. If they mention motion-blur one* more time….

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